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Daniel Alan David Jones (March 12, 1986) is one of the lead vocalists in the British pop group McFly.


  • I once auditioned for V by mistake!
  • "Don cha wish your bird was hot like the pussycat dolls, dougie?"
  • I was quite a weird child. I used to sit and watch old videos of Bruce Springsteen.
  • I'd like to thank my mum and dad for making me.
  • I'm actually living in a wheely bin!
  • (On what girls say to him) "Danny, finger me like your guitar!"
  • Doctor: "Don't forget your arm! Danny: "Oh, it's alright, I've got another one."
  • My underwear is from Tesco.
  • People just reckon I’m cheeky cos I’m Northern.
  • You have to, like, pretend there's an earthquake!
  • My birthday is wrong, oops.
  • They're [McFly fans] like 'Oh, Danny was seen with a girl at Huston'... It's my sister for God's sake! I was putting her on a train!
  • [Favourite chat-up line] Nice legs. What time do they open?
  • Ratman.
  • I'd marry Anna Kournikova right now! Or Rachel Bilson, or Sarah Harding, or Lindsay Lohan! She was a wicked girl and there was this sort of young sexual tension there when we all met her, where you're saying 'Hiya', and we were all thinking 'She's gorgeous!'
  • [About Harry and Lindsay Lohan] When I saw press stories about her and Harry, I kept saying to him, 'Mate, say you did it!'
  • My first time was pretty crap but still epic. All the lads were talking about it and I just felt, I've done it, awesome! These days people say keep it till you're married but what if you marry someone without sleeping with them then they're rubbish in bed?!
  • I had a girlfriend back home but it's hard when you're on the road and meeting so many other girls so I finished it. Now I just watch porn instead! I'm too busy with McFLY anyway and we've changed so much.
  • One of his dream girlfriends would be Kelly Clarkson. He's in love with her voice.
  • We wanted to bring personality back to our music and add some excitement. Our new album's more in your face. It's brilliant.
  • Mates ask me how many girls I've pulled and I let them think I've had loads but I haven't really. They assume I can have any girl I want but I've not got the confidence to pull it off most of the time. I saw the most amazing brunette the other day. She was looking and I was looking back but what are you supposed to do next? If anyone knows please let me know!"
  • I'm not the joker I'm just the dumbest.
  • I like to strip Doug, cos he's a sexy little boy.
  • Melanie Westin - you know that model? She's fit!
  • We're gonna catch a squirrel, we're gonna catch a squirrel. Danny's got a peanut.
  • [in reference to the sugababes] I'd push their "button" anyday. Tom: That's disgusting
  • [in reference to being the one in the band who gets hit the most] It's no wonder i'm thick, they're killing brain cells here! *Tom goes to hit him again, but Harry says:Stop, stop, he's only got four left!*
  • I would like come back as a rat when I die.
  • Danny: She's amazing! I so would! Harry: You so would what? Danny: Er, get her number...
  • Tom - "would you rather be intelligent or good looking?"

Danny: neither, I'm happy the way I am.

Tom: So you're happy that you're ugly and stupid?

  • Danny: Dougie doesn't talk to fit girls, he's too shy!

Dougie [in retaliation]: Well at least my hair doesn't go frizzy when i wash it!

  • I dunno about you doug but I've got a right party goin on in

the trouser department right now!

  • I'll just be Danny the cheese-master.
  • I'm a legend, Tom and Harry are Ok, and Dougie's a drip.
  • Question: How old is Dougie's sister?

a) 23 years old b) 14 years old c) He hasn't got a sister. Danny: He hasn't got one. Dougie: Yes I have! You've met her! She's 14! Danny: Oh yeah. Oh poo. Now I remember....

  • [On their gerbils] Mine is called Bruce, and Harry's is called Travis.
  • Question: Where does Danny say he's from?

a) Ireland b) Switzerland c) Latvia Harry: Ireland. Danny's uncle lives in Ireland and Danny likes to pretend he's Irish. It's so desperate. Danny: But I am Irish.

  • A bunch of blokes started on me in a club for no reason, so I had to go to a bouncer, which I hate doing, 'I'm from McFly, these blokes want to kick the shit out of me, can you walk me to a taxi?' So he did, but when I got in the taxi, I saw them and gave them the finger. Then I realised I hadn't locked the door of the taxi.
  • This is Fake DIY: What are your predictions for 2007?

Danny: That’s the same as resolutions isn’t it?

  • Let's have a DNA test! *Dougie, Tom and Harry look at him questionly* A lie-detector, man...
  • He was putting it on and it was closed!!!
  • George Clooooooooney!!!
  • Pick up your rat, release your rat!

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We're gonna catch a squirrel, we're gonna catch a squirrel. Danny's got a peanut.