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Daryl Palumbo (born February 10, 1979 in Long Island, New York) is an American musician, who is the frontman of the bands Glassjaw, Head Automatica, and House of Blow.


  • My dance has passed.
    • Motel of the White Locust (Glassjaw)
  • He's a winner, he's a God damn sinner; when he dines I'm on the wrong side of the day.
    • Ape Dos Mil (Glassjaw)
  • We are OK;
    In a misguided sadist way;
    We are OK.
    We are OK;
    In a disabled, veteran's way;
    • Convectuoso (Glassjaw)
  • We are the most impassioned ugly people.
    • Cosmopolitan Bloodloss (Glassjaw)

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