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Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, Live like it's heaven on earth.
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Davey Havok (born 1975-11-20), is the lead singer of AFI. His birth name is David Anthony Passaro, but is now David Marchand (after his stepfather).

Interviewer: This band has always been able to communicate with its fanbase, I mean, you've always been huge within what it is the spectators do as well. Davey: Um..we've been lucky. *laughs* You know, we're very priveledged to have been able to do this for so long and to continue to appeal to people in that way and to touch people and to have them follow us for sixteen years now...it's been great. Jade: Which people have you been touching? Davey: I was touching Nardwar earlier. Jade: Yeah, I saw that. Davey: I mean, he's such a snazzy dresser. Interviewer: He is. Has a sense of style. Completely unique. Jade: Very unique. Davey: It's very golf-inspired. You know, I could see that golf-series on the runway.

Interviewer: AFI stands for A Fire Inside. What's your favorite alternate definition? Davey: On a couple of occasions, people have maintained that it stands for "A Fire Within" or, like, "A Forgotten Song", where they'll totally ignore the letters of the acronym. And it's nice to hear the base, derogatory stuff directed at the band, like "A Fag Inside". I enjoy those. But I really like "Aw, Fuck It".

Davey: I don't know, who would you want to tour with? Jade: Backstreet Boys, N*Sync... Davey: Britney Spears, maybe. Jade: LFO. Interviewer: Yeah. Only good bands. Davey: Yeah.

Interviewer: Tell me something about your fake eyelashes. Davey: Fake?! Interviewer: "Well..I mean...uh..ok". Davey: "Here, feel" Interviewer: "Oh..but..alright, seriously do you have a special person that applies those for you or do you do it by yourself?" Davey: "I actually have a very special person, he's very dear to my heart, it's me. I spend most of my time with him, he's very hard to deal with"

[When asked what he would do if he were a woman for a day] Could I have sex with myself? Could there still be me and then a girl me?

Kerrang : What’s the best way you’ve heard you died? Davey: A heroin overdose, here in London. That was the most real one because that made it all the way back to the United States and caused our booking agent there to call our booking agent here to make sure I was okay. They often kill me of cancer, which I really don’t like. Then there was the one that Claudio from Coheed and Cambria tackled me and killed me. Adam: What were you doing!? Davey: Playing football I guess. And I died, which sucks.

Kerrang : Who is the vainest person in the band? Everyone: (laughing) Davey! Davey: Probably me, but I do it on my own time. I’m vain, but punctual. Jade: He can’t walk past a mirror without checking himself out. Davey: Not a chance. I spent a lot of my childhood with my cousin sat on our washing machine, just staring into the mirror. For hours, not even adjusting hair or anything, just staring. It’s not that I like what I see, necessarily, I just have to see it all the time.

Kerrang : Does God exist? Davey: I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in Gosh. Adam: Yeah, Gosh, totally. He’s like God only he’s way more easy going.

MRR: Davey, tell the story about the time you guys played with SNFLL. Davey: Well, we have a couple of stories about that... When we played with SNFU, Geoff and I and our friend Smiff... Mark was there too, Adam had already left, for reasons unmentionable. We were standing at the table selling stuff, and there was this big girl... She was really tall, about 100 feet tall and...She wasn't fat or anyting- she was just BIG. She had this big smile and bright red lipstick and a short blond flat-top - a bleach-ed blond haircut like the girl in Rocky IV, or whatever. Mark: Like Susan Powter. Davey: Yeah, like her! 'Stop the Insanity!' So, she kept coming up to the SNFU table and checking out stuff and saying, "Anything free?" and she'd smile. We'd say, "No" and she'd make this grimace, pout, roll her eyes and walk away. She kept coming up and doing that and at one point, I was drinking Jolt and I had let somebody else drink out of it. There was lipstick on it when she gave it back to me. I said to Dave (SNFU's manager) after I drank from it, "That's the closest thing I've come to a kiss in a long time." And, so, he says, "Aw, Davey, you just got to exert yourself." So the big girl comes back and takes these two SNFU stickers off the table and tapes them to her breasts, which were kind of large. Dave says, "Don't make me go there, 'cause I will." She says, "Well what if i run?" and Dave says, "Well, me and Davey will have to catch you and tear them off. Won't that be fun?" I was just sitting there, so Dave says, "I'll tell you what. If you give my friend Davey here a little kiss I'll let you have those two stickers for free." She says, "Okay," and then he asked, "How about you, Dave?", "Uh, okay." - I thought I was just gonna get a little smooch... Geoff: So Davey puckers up and the girl takes her hand, puts it behind Davey's head, and this 80 foot tongue shoots out of her mouth and goes down Davey's throat! Davey: I was shocked, I was crying, I couldn't breathe. Ohhh- it was horrible. Geoff: My eyes popped out of my head about three feet. Davey: It was traumatizing. Mark: And later on when she saw you what did she say? Oh, "I'll see YOU later." Davey: I'm a fucking idiot.

Fritch tells me matches aren't vegetarian. I never knew. I liked matches.

I was once told I was a powerful wizard by a homeless person.

No animals were harmed in the flattening of my hair.

Erica Palmer: How do you feel about your younger fans? I was told by a fan that because I'm a 15-year-old sXe kid, I have no business listening to AFI. Davey: That's absurd. I'M a fifteen year old sXe kid...er...just older...a lot older.

Geoff: Yeah, I run Key Lime Pie Records. So, unless people give me money, I pay for everything myself and I get nothing in return!! Davey: You get a kiss every once in a while. Geoff: Not from you!!! Davey: I try.

Maybe we'll win another VMA if I die, like for sure.

One time I was singing along with a boy that looked like me in the crowd, and he pushed away the mic and started making out with me and accidentally bit my lip, and I had to get stitches.

I can type like the wind, and believe me, the wind types really fast!

[On Girl's not Grey]: The song is based on detachment, seclusion and separation, but I intentionally don't write in a way that is very specific so that people can take what they need to from my songs. When I was growing up there were songs that meant a lot to me, and then I found out they meant something entirely different to the artist, and it ruined it for me. I never want to do that to someone.

You're denying your heritage! You should eat cheese! [said by his mother]

You put a little black box up his butt?! A box?! Couldn't you have found a carrot or something?

Yeah, I can't play a thing at all. I cannot play an instrument. I do a lot of 'nah-nah-nah-doo-doo-doo' kinda stuff.

Interviewer: How did you learn to sing? Davey: I did? I don't know, I've been singing since I was five years old at family functions. I used to visit my great grandparents at their house in PA, and my relatives would pay me to sing old 1920's songs into a wooden spoon. I was between the ages of 3-5 years old.

Some nice young lady got me fuzzy socks. How I love the socks and their fuzziness. A thank you for my bday present to the girl I did not meet.

Interviewer: Davey, how do you respond to the rumors circulating that you are a homosexual? Is there any truth to these? Davey: How should I respond? Ecstatically? Fantastically!

Interviewer: I don't want to be rude but you guys are a bunch of weirdo freaks. Do the locals abuse you in the street in Ukiah? Davey: The time I went back before last I got whistled at by some hicks in a truck. I was flattered but I'm not sure they were really interested.

I'm a moron because I don't want to lie in a gutter puking over myself...yeah right.

The people who send us fan mail written in blood say the nicest things, so it doesn't freak us out too much.

Man, I don't know a damn thing about sports, I wear make-up and nail polish, remember?

And at the time we started skateboarding, punk rock and hardcore and skating went hand in hand - THERE'S A HORSE! There's a horse, and a little dog, and a woman in a hat! ... Hi Robby!

I didn't want to share my balloons...my mom wanted me to.

Yes I'm a lot prettier than you and you're a girl...I noticed. Pfft, do you believe this? This girl is mad at me cause I'm prettier than her and she's a girl. Don't worry honey, nobody noticed.

[On being asked if he freaked out in the theatre when he saw The Ring] Yes I did. I was by myself and there was this guy with his girlfriend and a couple of other girls next to me - and they were right next to me, so I was pretty much in his lap the whole time. Lucky for me, he was nice!

Interviewer: I read something somewhere about 'the monster'. Davey, I wanted you maybe to explain something about the monster that came out. I was just wondering if you could share that with our viewers. Davey: I don't know what the monster is. There is a monster. [Adam is giggling in the background] It happens in the studio, sometimes it happens on stage, [Adam can't control his giggling] and it's in my neck. Interviewer: It's in your neck. Show that. Davey: [points] Right about here. Sometimes it happens when I'm just talking, like I'd be talking to you and the monster bites me. Interviewer: Alright. Davey: It hurts. Adam: He could just be standing there and all of a sudden just DROP ['dropping' arm motion] and be on the floor. Davey: Because of the monster. Interviewer: Man. Due to the monster? Jade: People probably think we're a weird band because of this. People listening to this are probably thinking we're just weird. Davey: Yeah I mean, this is not an attempt to be whack.

Random: Ha, the monster was funny. Davey: Hey, that's mean. I hope you get a monster.

Interviewer: Has Davey’s monster in his neck surfaced recently? And what's his name? Davey: He doesn't have a name. He's gone. Forever. Interviewer: Would you care to elaborate as to what the monster in the neck actually was? Davey: It's just gone. Yeah it's just gone. It's gone. Interviewer: I'm getting the distinct impression that you really don't want to talk about the monster in your neck. Davey: Yeah.

I'm an extremist, I have to deal with my own extreme personality, and I walk the fine line of wanting to die and wanting to be the ruler of it all.

I look like an inflatable fuckdoll.

Personally I have never found the practice of recreational drug use appealing. In fact, I have always found the lifestyle and the people who surround it to be abhorrent. I never quite understood why anyone would risk sacrificing their bodies, minds, and relationships at the expense of a quick damaging high. I grew up in a small town and at my high school, like every high school, every one's recreation of choice was drug abuse. I never understood it. I never took part and always felt quite alone in this decision. Then one day I discovered a band called Minor Threat and realized that there were more people out there who thought like me. I was very excited to say the least, and what was more encouraging, these people were part of the oh-so self-destructive punk scene. From that day on I claimed the X. I continue to do so today because I believe the sXe philosophy is a very positive one that many people, especially young people, can benefit from greatly if they have the desire.

If you're gonna come up here and sing with me, don't sing the wrong words in my ear because that really fucks me up.

[On Pink Floyd] Maybe I never gave them a chance. But when I grew up, hippies listened to Pink Floyd! And I just can't ever get over that. I can't deny my roots. I'm not a big fan of fuckin' hippies. To me, listening to Pink Floyd is like listening to the Grateful Dead.

Please excuse me if it seems I'm throwing a little tantrum, but I can't get a microphone that fucking works.

I don't think there's such a thing as a happy teenager.

I experienced one of my most starstruck moments at the Oasis show. Now, there are a handful of people who will get me starstruck, but generally, I'm able to handle myself because if I meet them it's at a place where I wouldn't be surprised to do so. I did not expect to see Trent Reznor in Las Vegas at this Oasis show, so when I did, I had a little episode. Needless to say I totally dorked out and fan-boyed all over the accommodating gentleman for about 4.5 seconds before letting him be free of me. He was cool. It was nifty. Bowie, you're next.

Old ladies come up to me all the time telling me to find God. Look, all I want to find is some chai and a good vegan muffin.

Random: Why are you guys so awesome? Davey: Fuzzy creatures

Hate humanity? Yep, sure do. There's such a lack of responsibility for one's actions in the world, selfishness, and a great destruction in the way people live their lives. It's all instant gratification, and who cares how my instant gratification affects those around me, or on a small personal level or a global level. The way people treat each other is truly disgusting, and we've created an environment through advances in science and technology that allows for a very septic society to thrive. And we breed and breed, and all the wrong people breed while all the right people don't want to have children because they don't want to place them in this world.

Unfortunately, we forgot to use a cowbell but some of the stuff you mentioned might show up here and there. Fuck, we totally should have used a cowbell.

As you get older you will gain a bit more control over everything. Don't let anyone, even your parents, break you. Find good people who care about you and surround yourself with just them. If you can't find them at first, find good music and fall into it, let it hold you until they come. I truly hope you enjoy the new record.

I eventually became the king ruler of the pear-packing plant.

Random: Davey, you look sexy. Davey: Davey always looks sexy. [cocky smile]

If everyone could back up... please back up. We've got some crushed ribs and some fragile people up here... you alright?

For the record, I'd eat the fuck out of some vegan chocolate chips.

The Lord has a mysterious fashion sense.

I'm pencil girl!

Davey: I like French Crullers. There's a donut that they make in this donut shop in Ukiah, it's called the 'Chocolate Fuck You' or the 'Fuck you I'm Chocolate' or something. You know what I'm talking about Adam? It's this big chocolate bar. Adam: Uh, no. Davey: What's wrong with you?!

How many times will Davey put a disc into his CD player before realizing it's a DVD?

It wasn't supposed to be pink vinyl; it's supposed to be peppermint vinyl, so it's supposed to look like one of those peppermint candies with the red and white swirlies. They fucked it up so it's pink. What's the name of that pressing plant? Well, whatever it is... don't use it! You'll be on Frilly Pink and you'll be forced to buy flowers from Adama's Flower Shop.

Can I have a bite of your hamburger? Just don't tell the vegans...

[Comments on crowd surfing] That is so stupid. It's not aggressive, it's not cathartic. It's like some sort of stupid kiddie ride. I hate that. Stage diving is still cool, though. That's where we come from growing up as hardcore kids. Most hardcore kids know how to stage dive and do it with style, but most kids today don't know what they're doing out there.

Interviewer: Hey Jade, are the rest of the guys jealous that the entire 'Girl's Not Grey'video occurs in your crotch? Jade: Hey Dave, are you jealous that 'Girl's Not Grey' takes place in my crotch? Davey: No, because I'm going to take place in your crotch. Jade: You know, I never stopped to think that the majority of our video does indeed take place in my crotch. I must contemplate the significance of this.

Jade: We don't encourage our fans to send us dead things. Davey: Or alive things.

My ideal girl should be smart, drug-free, and hot. People say it's not important, but it is...she can't hate me either.

Oh shit, I lost a ring. I sure hope it's in my pocket. This motherfuckin ring... ok, I had one and it broke in half and I got another one, and now it disappeared. Continue your interview; I'm hoping it's in my pocket. [For the record, it wasn't.]

I find drug use disrespectful, self-destructive, and weak. I want no part of it. I believe in complete respect for myself and others.

Crowd surfing is a product of car commercials.

Random: Davey, I wanna have your kids!! Davey: Well...I'll be sure to call ya.

Random: Davey is the new Jesus!! Davey: Umm, I think it's the hair. Is it the hair?

A girl in Salt Lake once asked me 'Why are you wearing makeup? Are you a fag?’ I then said 'Well, if I'm a fag for wearing makeup, you must be a dyke in blue jeans'. I also informed her that she was just angry because I was prettier than she was.

In closing, Johnny Depp is still hot; Mars Volta deserves the world, and happy birthday, Mom!

Interviewer: Do you practice putting makeup on anyone in the band? Davey: No. But I practice other things.

Whether it's good or bad, it's our best album.

We're pretty! We are though, we're a good-looking band.

I wish terrible things upon the person who just did that. [After being hit in the crotch with a size 27 Birkenstock by someone in the crowd at Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC.]

Anyone who steals a shoe is a poser.

This is Davey. I'm not special.

Adam: I'd prefer 'fuck and smash the state', because when you put the two together, you get crazy violent sex. Davey: Adam likes violent sex. All you bondage babes out there, the drummer with the hair likes rough sex.

I kan nawt spel gud.... doesn't it suck that I can't spell?

Rabbits. You know bunnies. If you don't look out for them, the little bastards sneak up on you and bite you and shit.

We were all Gothic before we were born. Especially Hunter.

Beyonce smiled at me once. Though not because she knew who I was or anything, but because I looked a bit creepy. It was nice though, because she’s so pretty.

Can you turn into a kitty cat?

RP: You have the only job in the world where people line up to hug you. Davey: Well, me and the Pope. RP: Are you crazy? You can't hug the pope. He's inside the bubble. Davey: Are you sure you can't hug the Pope? Hey, everyone, does anyone know if you're allowed to hug the Pope?

I'm God.

Oh, please! I wish I had her body! [when called a Madonna impersonator]

I'm Davey and I sing, make faces, and swing from trees.

Jim Shearer: We know football fans are crazy. How would we compare them to AFI fans? Davey: I think the level of craziness is pretty close. Different, via the AFI crazy fans are typically a bit more frail than the football fans. Jim Shearer: Oh wow. Were you the center? Davey: Um, I'm the center. Of everything! Jim Shearer: Oh, I would imagine you would be the quarterback. Davey: Is that what the quarterback does? I'M A QUARTERBACK.

Oh look! Souvenirs!

On the way to the movies someone called me Mr. Murder before flashing a camera in my face. It made me wanna go on a killing spree a little bit.

Do what you feel is right for you, no matter what. Believe in yourself, no matter how many people tell you that you're fucked up, do what you have to do. AS LONG as it doesn't infringe on other people's happiness.

Random: Davey will you marry me?! Davey: Uh, maybe...

Davey: When we were in Florida, I saw a, uhm... are they called lampreys? Jade: Yeah. Davey: I saw a lamprey soar out of the water, it was giant. It was so exciting. Jade: Uhh... Davey: Oh no, it's a... what are they... the, the... [bobbing his arm like a wave] Jade: Manta ray! Davey: Manta ray! I saw a manta ray. It was huge, it was like the size of a kiddy pool and it jumped out of the water, that was pretty exciting.

I've actually been meaning to point something out for a while now but it keeps slipping my mind. Just in case someone has misled you to believe otherwise, crowd surfing sucks. I would leave it plain and simple like that but, for fear of someone confusing the statement to be only a commentary against aggressive behavior at shows, I shall further clarify. Not to be confused with crowd crawling to sing along, the dying art of stylistic stage diving or the evermore rare head walking, crowd surfing is a passive, non emotive, 'Hey mom look at me and how wild I think I am.' behavior. While kick boxing, slamming, singing along and the like are all visceral and emotional responses to music, crowd surfing is, simply, weak. Always has been. There is really no better way to cheapen a live performance than to float like a happy little cloud atop the hands of discomforted showgoers. For all those aghast, having been misinformed and tricked into thinking it was cool, or far out, or what ever you crazy kids might call it today, FEAR NOT for you are not too far gone! We at the church of HolylChristCrowdSurfingSucks welcome you with loving arms. Now you know...and you know what GI Joe says about knowing. That is my public service announcement for today.

Davey: That is a misconception, they are not leather; they're pleather...they're vinyl. [On being asked about his vinyl shiny pants]

Random Crowd Member: I LOVE YOU DAVEY! Davey: [stops singing in the middle of the song and smiles] Someone wants to fuck me. [continues song]

What about his family? What about Miss PacMan?

This barricade is a piece of shit. I could build better. Yeah, yeah, believe it or not, the kid with the lipstick knows how to build stuff.

Interviewer: If the four of you were stranded on a desert island and you had to resort to cannibalism, who would you eat first? Davey: Can I eat like nuts and berries and stuff? Interviewer: It's a desert island, there aren't any nuts or berries. Davey: Oh so it's like sand or people. So basically you want me to eat one of my band mates. And you just expect me to answer that question? Interviewer: Well that or one of their parts, yeah. Davey: Probably Adam. Interviewer: Why Adam? Davey: Well he's a drummer, so he's all lean, if you like lean meat. Adam: Tender! Interviewer: Well you wouldn't wanna get fat on a desert island. Davey: Right. Adam: I'm the other white meat!

It began probably when I was about five years old, putting on my mother's lipstick.

Davey- Yeah, they'll listen to it, and if it says something crazy, they'll say, "Oh, we can't play this. This is too much for the people to handle." There are some exceptions to the rule. There are bands like Tool, or Smashing Pumpkins. Rage Against the Machine. Nine Inch Nails. What other bands have valid things to say? Adam: Slipknot. Davey: Slipknot??? I don't know what the hell they're saying! Adam: They want to take over the world.

When I was real younger I had a hermit crab. I remember when I was real young I wanted a tarantula but my mom wouldn't let me have a tarantula. Cats. Most of my life I had cats. I had a venus fly trap once.

Interviewer: Were any of you guys in Boy Scouts or something? Adam: I was a Weeblo. Jade: We all blow. Davey: I BLOW! Jade: Davey is quite a "demon in the sack" so to speak.

Random: Davey, are you still straight? Revolver Magazine: I think they mean Straight Edge. Davey: Oh, I thought they might have been confused after the 'I blow' comment.

[On the annual Almost Acoustic Christmas concert thrown by KROQ] That show was fantastic - our fifty minutes seemed like five. They had spinning stages and tens of thousands of voices. All we ask for next time is a catwalk.

Interviewer: If you were a Magic-8-Ball what would you say? Davey: Im good with non-commitals, That's all relative, Depends on the circumstance, Im sorry I'm sleepy, Not now... I haven't put my face on.

Interviewer: Why rabbits? Davey: Why not?

Interviewer: What do you remember most about playing in Tampa 10 years ago? Davey: It was the first time we were flashed [pauses] by a female. Interviewer: How did that make you feel inside? Davey: Uncomfortable. I turned around...cried.

[Smith Puget is wearing odd sunglasses] Davey: I think I saw the Olsen Twins wearing those. *both pause* ...I'm not kidding.

I got no shoes and I can't even imagine why somebody was trying to take my sock. - in Memphis

[From script of "Live Freaky, Die Freaky"] Yes, he's not retarded; he must be European because retarded people can fuck, and they can get hard. Trust me, I should know.

Interviewer: On the cover of "Decemberunderground" there are three rabbits. Do you like rabbits because they run so fast, or because they have sex all the time? Davey: um, It's because they're furry. Hunter: I like them because they run so fast. They just run SO fast. Davey: Yeah, they do go fast don't they? Ok I would like to change it to because they run so fast.

Interviewer: If you were not rock musicians, what would be your second pick of all? Davey: um, he (Pointing to Hunter) would have been a TV repair guy. Hunter:TV, VCR repair. Davey: And then, I would of sold the TV's and VCR's that he fixes. Hunter: We got it all worked out. Davey: Yeah.

(On living in a Fraternity House.) Jade: All of a sudden we were in an active frat and it was a total bum out. Davey: It was awful, but it was cool though. One thing that was cool about it was the...what's the frat leader called? The... Jade: The president? Davey: Yeah the president or whatever was gay. He was secretly gay and he and his boyfriend used to have sex in the showers, in the communal showers and the rest of the frat boys didn't know. Which was nice.

This Humidity is doing murder to my hair! (Introducing "Miss Murder")

Mark (panasonicyouth on Buzznet): Who would win in a dance off? Davey or Jade? Davey: (Points to Jade) Jade: I was a breakdancer. Davey: I'm a spazz. Jade: He's got his own style. It's kinda like apples and oranges. Davey: I kinda dance like snoopy.

Interviewer: What comes to mind when you think of A Fire Inside? Davey: That's my band and that's my life: AFI".

If God exists, I'm so fucked.

Whenever I'm nervous I just pretend that I'm naked and that everyone else in the room has their clothes on.

We started the band out of love for music and the ethos of the scene we then became a part of. I do remember when I told my Mom we'd started a band and she said "you didn't ask if you could start a band." Even then I laughed.

Fan: Also are you a Sex And The City fan? Think you might see the movie this weekend? Or any films your looking forward to seeing? Davey: Never seen it. Don't have one of them picture boxes.

I hope your opinion of me doesn't change when those crotch shots do finally hit Perez's site. (On the Despair Faction boards after being asked what it feels like to be an inspiration for many people)

What do we have now? I don't know, Oh yay! We have a commercial.

When searching for life's answers it's not where you look that matters, but how.

Bees are kinda cute, when they're not stinging you.

I used to get mistaken for a women constantly. I once was with a female friend of mine and a nice old lady asked us both if we were boys or girls. When explained, she said "oh that's nice, it's easier that way." It no longer happens. Now I get mistaken for a man.