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David Phillippe Desrosiers (born August 29, 1980) is the bassist for pop-punk band Simple Plan. He grew up in the French-speaking part of Sept-Îles in Quebec, Canada.


  • The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right next to them and and know you just can't have them.
  • Look banana. Double banana. That means it has two bananas in it. I'm gonna steal it from the convenience store


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Those are all graffitis. It must've taken a really, really long time for a stupid punk to do that!

You know what? This is Alcatraz... and the food... SUCKS there!

It's a little windy but it's all good

I had a little too much to drink last night. And it's like 12:30 or something and we're going on at one. I think I'm up... up and running like they say. I'm going on stage to rock tose kangaroos and koalas!

It's a bullet-train. Cause it goes fast like a bullet.

We used to tour in a beat up ambulance that Pierre's dad used to own. We were sitting on couches in the back. Totally illegal but, Hey! We're not dead... we made it