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David Duke

David Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a former Louisiana State Representative, a candidate in presidential primaries for the Democratic and Republican parties, and former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He speaks in favor of racial segregation. Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Louisiana Senate, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor of Louisiana and twice for President of the United States.


  • "I am opposed to globalism, I am opposed to colonialism, I am opposed to any sort of complusion of one nation over another. (...) I also deeply believe in human rights."
    • (David Duke on his radio show, August 25, 2006)
  • "I don't consider myself a racist, I don't hate other peoples, but I certainly want to preserve my own. And I think that's true of all people."
    • (David Duke on his radio show, August 25, 2006)
  • "I am not opposed to all Jews. That's how they do with me, they distort everything I say, but I'm certainly opposed to Jewish extremism. Just as I am opposed to certain Islamic fundamentalism. I'm opposed to terrorism, I'm opposed to oppression of individuals. But the media, because of the incredible Jewish extremist domination in the media, especially American media and the Hollywood media, we seldom hear about Jewish fundamentalism, we seldom hear about Jewish extremism. (...) We don't hear this in the media, because they in fact dominate the media."
    • (David Duke on his radio show, August 25, 2006)
  • "Terrorism does not happen in a vacuum. And we would not be subject to and endangered by so-called terrorism within our own countries if we in fact kept our countries as our own heritage, our own value system. The recent terror plot in Britain, for instance was launched mostly, almost entirely by Muslims of non-Europan descent, who were born in Britain. Born in Britain, because of the immigration policies of our countries."
    • (David Duke on his radio show, August 25, 2006)
  • "I have spoken all over the world and I have great respect for Muslims, I have great respect for the African people, I have respect for the other races. Even back home in Lousiana, I'm called a racist, but I have respect for the Black people of my country and I want them to have their own life, too, and I want them to be able to pursue their own destiny and not be controlled, and not be damaged."
    • (David Duke on his radio show, August 25, 2006)


  • I don’t want to see this country resemble or look like or become like Mexico. Mexico is great to visit, I’ve been there a few times. I respect all peoples of the world.
    • (David Duke’s radio show broadcast, 4 July 2006: America must fight for independence again)
  • I’m often called, so often called in the media, it’s like a part of my name “white supremacist” or whatever. I’m not one. I don’t want white people to be supreme. I don’t believe, in fact, that we should even have bases in 65 countries of the world I don’t think we should be in Iraq. I don’t believe we should try to control politics of the South American countries or the Southeast Asia or in Africa, or anywhere else in the world. But I do think we have a right to preserve our own culture, own heritage in our own country.
    • (David Duke’s radio show broadcast, 4 July 2006: America must fight for independence again)


  • I don’t see any moral difference between a suicide bomber and somebody in a F-16 fighter jet who fires a missile into an apartment complex and then kills 10 or 15 little girls and boys. I don’t see much difference there. In fact, I think the pilot is a greater offender, you know, he’s getting medals, while the suicide bomber is sacrificing his life for what he believes in. But I don’t agree with either approach. I’m absolutely opposed to any sort of terrorism. (…) But if you call Hezbollah a terrorist organization, then you must call Israel a terrorist organization.
    • (David Duke’s radio show broadcast, 10 August 2006: The Israeli Invasion and Bombing of Lebanon)


  • "It's not hatred of these other people why we oppose this immigration. It's simply that we know that massive immigration into our own countries will absolutely destroy what we find beautiful and valuable."


  • As for America and the rest of European world, I want to live in a nation that reflects my traditions and values, and I do not want my people to become a minority in the nations my own forefathers built. Interestingly, that is same goal that most Israelis and most Jews who support Israel endorse for the Jewish state.
  • It's really the Jew Marxists who see the nigger as their instrument, as their bullets, by which to destroy our society.
  • The greatest American who ever lived has been shot down and killed. [4]

(On the death of American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell)