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David Jon Gilmour (born March 6, 1946) is the guitarist and vocalist with rock band Pink Floyd.


  • "Where would rock and roll be without feedback?"
    • Live at Pompeii (video), Dark Side of the Moon Sessions, 1972
  • "Jimi Hendrix isn't as good as me!"
    • Live at Pompeii (video), Dark Side of the Moon Sessions, 1972
  • "Obviously, they're all a gang of idiots. But, you know...live and let live"
    • Live at Pompeii (video), Dark Side of the Moon Sessions, 1972, about the band
  • "I like our music to feel three-dimensional. It's about trying to invoke emotions in people, I suppose. You feel larger than life in some sort of way. Let's face it — none of us in Pink Floyd are technically brilliant musicians, with great chops who can change rhythms, fifteen or sixteen bars here, there, and everywhere. And we're not terribly good at complicated chord structures. A lot of it is just very simple stuff dressed up. We stopped trying to make overtly 'spacey' music and trip people out in that way in the 60's. But that image hangs on and we can't seem to get shot of it."
  • "Syd's story is a sad story romanticized by people who don't know anything about it. They've made it fashionable but it's just not that way."
  • "My technique is laughable at times. I have developed a style of my own, I suppose, which creeps around [...] I don't have to have too much technique for it. I've developed the parts of my technique that are useful to me. I'll never be a very fast guitar player. I don't really know what to say about my style. There's always a melodic intent in there."
    • Sounds "Guitar Heroes" magazine, May 1983
  • "Roger doesn't have the right at present to tell me what to do with my life, although he believes that he does. And he'll not ruin my career, although lately he's been trying to."
  • "He had developed his own limited, or very simple style. He was never very keen on improving himself as a bass player and half the time I would play bass on the records because I would tend to do it quicker. Right back to those early records; I mean, at least half the bass on all recorded output is me anyway. [...] Rog used to come in and say, 'Thank you very much' to me once in a while for winning him bass-playing polls."
    • Rock Compact Disc magazine, September 1992; regarding Roger Waters
  • "Usually, in the studio, on this sort of thing ... you just go out and have a play over it, and see what comes, and it's usually — mostly — the first take that's the best one, and you find yourself repeating yourself thereafter."
    • from Time, quoted in Classic Albums: Pink Floyd — The Dark Side of the Moon; on the guitar solo
  • "The band? It's over. Reunited because of the good cause (Live 8), to get over the bad relationship, and not to have regrets."
    • ruling out the possibility of a reunion of the band talking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Feb 2006.
  • "Who gives a fuck."


  • "There are people who say we [Pink Floyd] should make room for younger bands. That's not the way it works. They can make their own room."