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David Halberstam (born 1934-04-10, died 2007-04-23) was an American journalist and author.


  • I got to Vietnam and I hit a wall, and the reason was the policy didn’t work.
    • On the comparison between the openness of American officials in other countries and American officials in Vietnam in the early 1960s
  • In Vietnam for variety of reasons of policy, we got in on a policy that didn’t work.
  • So, if you went out in the field among American advisors, the people out there in the field, the captains, the majors, would tell you the truth.
    • When asked when he began to suspect that the government was not telling the truth
  • Something like that was bound to happen, and it was a bad corporation that didn’t care about news increasingly.
    • On the scandal at CBS regarding Dan Rather and the National Guard memos of George W. Bush
  • Vietnam was a watershed event in increasing the skepticism in our government.

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