David Macbeth Moir

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David Macbeth Moir, (January 5, 1798 - July 6, 1851), Scottish physician and writer, was born at Musselburgh. He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, taking his degree in 1816. He contributed both prose and verse to the magazines, and particularly, with the signature of Delta, to Blackwood's Magazine. A collection of his poetry was edited in 1852 by Thomas Aird.


  • To me, through every season dearest;
    In every scene, by day, by night,
    Thou, present to my mind appearest
    A quenchless star, forever bright;
    My solitary sole delight:
    Where’er I am, by shore, at sea,
    I think of thee.
    • When Thou at Eve Are Roaming.

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