David McCord

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Happiness comes more from loving than being loved; and often when our affection seems wounded it is only our vanity bleeding. To love, and to be hurt often, and to love again—this is the brave and happy life.
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David McCord (December 15, 1897 - April 13, 1997) was a poet and writer of verse for children.

  • I know a little man both ept and ert.
    An intro-? extro-? No, he's just a vert.
    Sheveled and couth and kempt, pecunious, ane,
    His image trudes upon the ceptive brain.

    When life turns sipid and the mind is traught,
    The spirit soars as I would sist it ought.
    Chalantly then, like any gainly goof,
    My digent self is sertive, choate, loof.
    • "Gloss"