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David Puttnam (born February 25, 1941), British movie producer and director.


  • "If Coca-Cola accidentally created 100 million cans of faulty Coke, you know for sure the entire 100 million cans would be dropped in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, without a second thought and irrespective of what that did to the year's profits. What do we do with a crappy movie? We double its advertising budget and hope for a big opening weekend. What have we done for the audience as they walk out of the cinema? We've alienated them. We've sold audiences a piece of junk; we just took twelve dollars away from a couple and we think we've done ourselves no long-term damage."
    • GQ magazine, April 1987


  • Edmund Burke said "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." David is a good man, and he does a great deal.
    • Richard Attenborough, presenting the BAFTA Fellowship award to Puttnam, 19 February 2006