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It is vanity to desire a long life and to take no heed of a good life.
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Deng Xiaoping listen (help·info) pronounced approximately "deng sh-oping" August 22, 1904February 19, 1997) was a prominent Chinese politician and reformer, and the late leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Deng never held office as the head of state or the head of government, but served as the de facto leader of the People's Republic of China from 1978 to the early 1990s. He developed "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" and Chinese economic reform, also known as the "socialist market economy", and opened China to the global market.

Deng in 1941


  • We should do more, and talk less.[1] - Elvis Presley allegedly reprised this quote for his hit single "A little less conversation, a little more action"


Deng Xiaoping meeting with Jimmy Carter.
  • Some must get rich first!
  • No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.
    • 1962, From a speech in a meeting of the Secretariat, actually a Sichuan proverb.
  • Socialism is not the same as shared poverty.
  • To China's problems, the overwhelming priority is stability. Without a stable environment, nothing can be achieved, and what has been achieved will be lost... Democracy is our goal, but the country must remain stable.
  • 24-Characters: keep cool-headed to observe, be composed to make reactions, stand firmly, hide our capabilities and bide our time, never try to take the lead, and be able to accomplish something.”[2]


  • To get rich is glorious!
    • Deng is commonly quoted with this phrase in western media but there is no proof that he actually said it [3]
  • One Country, Two systems.
  • It's too early to tell.
    • About the impact of the French Revolution, actually said by Zhou Enlai


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