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Dinosaurs was an American television show created by Walt Disney Television and Jim Henson Productions. It was broadcast from April 1991 to July 1994 on ABC. In May 2006, seasons 1 and 2 were released as a single set. The show was about the lives of a family of dinosaurs as a satire on modern American life.

Dinosaurs episodes
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
"The Mighty Megalosaurus" "The Golden Child" "Nature Calls" "Monster Under the Bed"
"The Mating Dance" "Family Challenge" "Dirty Dancin'" "Earl, Don't Be a Hero"
"Hurling Day" "I Never Ate for My Father" "Baby Talk" "The Greatest Story Ever Sold"
"High Noon" "Charlene's Tale" "Network Genius" "Driving Miss Ethyl"
"The Howling" "Endangered Species" "The Discovery" "Earl's Big Jackpot"
"Employee of the Month" "Little Boy Boo" "Terrible Twos"
"When Food Goes Bad" "Germ Warfare" "Changing Nature"
"Career Opportunities" "Hungry for Love"
"Unmarried ... With Children" "License to Parent" Unaired Episodes*
"How to Pick Up Girls" "Charlene's Flat World" "Into the Woods"
"Switched at Birth" "Wilderness Weekend" "Scent of a Reptile"
"Refrigerator Day" "The Son Also Rises" "Working Girl"
"What "Sexual" Harris Meant" "Getting to Know You" "Variations on a Theme Park"
"Fran Live" "Green Card" "Earl and Pearl"
"Power Erupts" "Out of the Frying Pan" "Life in the Faust Lane"
"The Clip Show" "Out of the Frying Pan" "Georgie Must Die"
"A New Leaf" "Honey, I Miss the Kids"
"The Last Temptation of Ethyl" "Honey, I Miss the Kids"
"Nuts to War (part 1)" "If I Were a Tree"
"Nuts to War (part 2)" "We Are Not Alone"
"And the Winner Is..." "Charlene and Her Amazing Humans" Misc.
"Slave to Fashion" "The Clip Show II" Repeated lines
"Leader of the Pack" Characters
"WESAYSO Knows Best" External links

*These episodes were not aired during the original showing of season 4 but were later shown in syndication.

Season 1

The Mighty Megalosaurus

Earl [to Baby, who just demanded a story]: Once upon a time, dinosaurs didn't have families. They lived in the woods and ate their children. It was a golden age.

Fran [to Earl]: If you love me you'll get them [a new set of pots and pans] for me. Do you love me?

Charlene: Hi daddy. How was your day?
Earl: Not a dime, Charlene.
Charlene: Daddy, can't I even say hello without you thinking that I want something?
[Earl looks at her for a moments without saying anything]
Charlene: A sweater. I just want a sweater.

Fran [sternly]: Earl Snead Sinclair!
Earl : Oh, God. My whole name.

Earl [to Robbie]: School is not for asking questions. It's a place you go to be out of this house.

Earl : I went to work.
Baby : Why?
Earl : Your mother makes me.

Earl [Sees the not-yet-born Baby's egg]: That better be breakfast.

Earl : No matter how low you are in this world, as long as you have a family to come home to, well, they're lower.
Fran : It isn't often I get to see the sentimental side of you.

The Mating Dance

[Baby is crying at three in the morning]
Fran: Earl, feed the baby.
Earl: Why?
Fran: Because if you don't feed it, it'll die
Earl: How many other kids we got?
Fran: Two
[Earl goes back to sleep]

Earl: I've got a wife who's unhappy about something.
Roy: This is without historical precedent.

Earl: Anyway, just this morning I said "I love you" [to Fran].
Roy: Did you say it sincerely?
Earl: Nah, it was a defense mechanism.

DNN Reporter: And finally, in local news, officials at the city zoo report no luck in trying to mate Ling-Ling and Chang-Chang, the two rare imported humans. Zookeepers are baffled at why two seemingly healthy cavepeople have not yet produced offspring.
[The news report switches to the zoo, showing two human males in the cage]

Hurling Day

Earl [very excited]: One more day til I throw your mother over the cliff and into the pit.
Fran: Earl, this is supposed to be a solemn and holy day.
Earl: No, that's tomorrow. Today is a day of saying "Yippee, yippee!"

Earl to B.P. Richfield: I'm overwhelmed by your sudden lack of cruelty.

[B.P. Richfield is telling Earl about when he hurled his mother-in-law into the tar pits]
B.P. Richfield [sadly]: My, it's sad how the memories fade.
B.P. Richfield [cheerfully]: Good thing I got it on VHS!
[Earl and B.P. Richfield watch the tape]
Earl: Nice trajectory, sir.
B.P. Richfield: Damn right.
Earl: The moment goes by so quickly, my captain.
B.P. Richfield: Well, not on slow-mo. Ha!
[plays tape again, this time in slow motion, as B.P and Earl laugh]

High Noon

Earl: Hello family ... and Ethyl [his mother-in-law]

Earl: I know they just crawled out of the sludge, and I hate to be critical of other life forms, but God, I hate lawyers.

[Roy is telling Earl about the Code of the Wilderness escape clause]
Roy: Well, basically, you're entitled to escape from his claws. The Code of the Wilderness clearly states that you have the legal right to run away like a scared bunny.

[Ethyl see's the size of Gary's (the guy who is challenging Earl to a fight to the death) sock]
Ethyl [to Fran]: Congratulations. You're a widow.

Earl: Hey, hey. Hold on there. I'm the father and if anyone is going to your school and beat up a kid, it's gonna be me.

The Howling

[Earl and Robbie are arguing about traditions and the Sacred Book of Dinosaur]
Earl: Hey, this book's been around a million years and you've been around what, 15 years? Guess who wins?

Roy: Earl, you hurt my feelings and embarassed me in front of my lunch.
Earl: Would it be so hard to close your mouth while you're eating?
Roy: Would it be so hard to close your eyes while I'm eating?

Earl [to Robbie]: I'm going to tell you a little something that my sweet old dad told me just before I went up the hill. I remember he said, "Earl, unlock that bathroom door". Of course, that doesn't apply here, but you get the gist.

Robbie: This isn't the dark ages. This is 60 million BC!

Fran: I'm going to be very disappointed if this world ends and you and Robbie are still angry at each other.
Earl: He destroyed the universe!

Roy: Hey Earl, what about my stuff?
Earl: The kid will get it. That's why you have kids.
Roy: Hmmm. Maybe I should get one.

Season 2

The Golden Child

[Earl walks into the living room and sees Robbie and Charlene watching TV while the baby is alone in the kitchen.]
Earl: Morning, kids. What are you doing?
Robbie: Watching the baby.
Earl: Nice to see you you're accepting more responsibility.

Earl [to the Elders]: Please don't make me bite off my own head. I was practicing in the lobby, and it just wasn't happening.

Elder [reading from the Sacred Book of Dinosaur]: ...and his father [Earl] shall be courageous and wise.
[Earl chuckles]
Elder [to another Elder]: Give me the Wite-Out.
[Elder edits the sacred book]
Elder [reading from the (revised) Sacred Book of Dinosaur]: ...father shall be a blithering idiot.
Earl: Can he do that?

[Robbie is refusing to help manage the people coming to see the new king (Baby)]
Robbie: Those dinosaurs out there are just sheep.
Earl: Have you noticed that some of those sheep are cheerleaders?
[Robbie runs outside to help.]

Family Challenge

Howard Handupme: A meteor watch has been put into effect throughout the Pangean panhandle. Scientists have specifically pinpointed this particular house as the point of probable impact.
[A picture of the Sinclair house appears on the tv screen]
Earl: Come on, come on! What does this have to do with me?

[Earl is talking to the insurance agent about the cost of replacing the tv]
Earl: Don't try to cheat me on this! 'Cause I know you insurance guys, you have absolutely no ethics.
Insurance Agent: Well, how much would you say your television is worth?
Earl: Ten thousand dollars. Good thing I popped for that extra meteor coverage, huh?
Insurance Agent: For us, yes. But if you refer to that large bound volume we sent you labeled "exclusions", you'll find that a meteor is only a meteor until it enters the Earth's atmosphere, at which time it become a meteorite.

Earl: As you can see, I have separated all known dinosaur wisdom into three categories: "Animal, vegetable, rocks."
Robbie: Well, what about fire?
Earl: Vegetable.
Charlene: What about water?
Earl: Water is the opposite of fire, which we have previously established as a vegetable. What's the opposite of a vegetable? Fruit. So water is a fruit. Fruit is not a vegetable, so it has to be either an animal or a rock. We know it's not an animal. Therefore, fruit is a rock.
Charlene: Daddy, I asked you about water.
Earl: Could we hold all questions until the end of the lecture, please?

Baby [pointing the remote at Earl]: Not the TV!

Charlene: I'm used to being embarrassed by you guys on a local level, I don't know how I feel about being humiliated nationally.

Earl: And what makes you the Ancient History expert?
Ethyl: I was there.

I Never Ate for My Father

Ethyl: Television is responsible for the utter degradation of our society. We should write a letter.
Fran: Mom? Get a life.

Earl: If your mother can take the time kill this dinner, you can take the time to eat it.

[Robbie leaves the table, refusing to eat meat]
Earl: Charlene, you are now my son.
Charlene: Thanks Caddy. Can I have money for lipstick?
Earl: Of course, son.

Earl: I shoulda shown [Robbie] the beauty of killing small things.

Bob Dylan-like Singer:
Has anybody here
Seen my old friend Bambi's mother?
Can you tell me where she's done?
She fed a lot of people
But the tasty, they die young.
Just like antelope, mutton, and Bambi's mom.

[Earl is telling Robbie about his father.]
Earl: He expected me to live in the woods, have kids in the mud, eat my mate and die in pieces. And you know? That was okay for him. But I wanted better.

Charlene's Tale

Earl: It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
Ethyl: Then you're the guy for the job.

Earl [to Fran]: It's not [Charlene's] tail. That would be a female problem. She isn't a female yet, so she doesn't have a problem. Which if she did, we wouldn't discuss it in front of the son.
Robbie: Fine, I'll leave.
Earl: I'll go with you.

[Earl punches Roy]
Roy: Hey! Earl, I don't want to pry into your personal business, but is something bothering you?
Earl: Not that I'm aware of.

[Earl is putting the uneaten food back into the refrigerator]
Food: And don't be putting me in no vegetable bin. I wake up in the vegetables and I'll come out and kick you big, flabby dinosaur butt all up and down the super-continent.

Earl [to Charlene]: I don't think nature knows what it's doing. What I think you need is something to protect you from nature.
Charlene: You mean, like a father?
Earl: Well, actually, I was thinking more like a machine gun. But, I guess a father would do in a pinch.

Earl: How'd I do Fran?
Fran: Well, "not the mama", but you'll do in a pinch.

Career Opportunities

[Earl is watching television, dejectedly, after becoming disillusioned with his job]
TV: Why are you stuck in a boring dead-end job?
Earl: I don't know.
TV: Why does your boss always yell at you?
Earl: Can't figure it out.
TV: Why is your life such a complete mess?
Earl: Will you stop pickin' on me?
TV: Why ask 'Why'? Drink alcohol! Nobody likes a thinker! You may not be able to change your life, but you can change the way you look at it. Alcohol. The more you drink, the less you think!

Nuts to War (part 1)

[Baby is crying because a mouse like creature ate his cookie]
Fran: No, crying isn't going to help.
Baby [sobbing]: My cookie's gone!
Fran: Because you ate it.
Baby: No, the cookie creature took it.
Fran: All right. A cookie creature took it.
Baby: Don't talk down to me!
Fran: This is between you and the cookie creature, so you two will have to work it out.
Baby [angrily]: Oh well, thanks for nothing.

[During a series of commercials using war references and jingoism to sell products]
Girl on TV:Mom, do you ever feel... you know... not patriotic?

Repeated lines and catch phrases

Earl: Honey, I'm Home.

Baby: Not the Mama!

Baby: I'm the baby, gotta love me!

Baby [after being severely injured]: Again!

Mr. Lizard: We're going to need another Timmy!

B.P. Richfield: Sinclair!

Roy: Hey there, pally boy.


  • Earl Sinclair - The father (aka "The Mighty Megalosaurus"), a tree-pusher for the WeSaySo Corporation.
  • Fran Sinclair - The mother and family homemaker.
  • Robbie Sinclair - The eldest child (fifteen years old) and someone who often questions established traditions.
  • Charlene Sinclair - The middle child (twelve years old) and very materialistic.
  • Baby Sinclair - The youngest child, "Baby" is his actual name.
  • Ethyl Phillips - Fran's mother and Earl's nemesis.
  • Roy Hess - Earl's best friend and co-worker.
  • B.P. Richfield - Earl's intimidating boss, whom Earl fears and will not stand up to.
  • Spike - Robbie's best friend from school, a very bad influence.

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