Doctor Dolittle (1967)

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Doctor Dolittle is a 1967 film, a wonderful movie musical in which Rex Harrison plays Doctor John Dolittle, a man who learns to speak to animals. He gives up treating humans, and becomes a veteranarian, deciding to explore the animal world. He goes through his journey with his friend Matthew Mugg, an Irishman, a young boy named Tommy Stubbins, and an unwelcome woman by the name of Emma Fairfax, although she's not so unwelcome by the end of the movie. The group's adventures introduce them to all sorts of animals, from seals and parrots to Pushmi-Pullyus and the Great Pink Sea Snail.

Directed by Richard Fleischer. Written by Hugh Lofting (novels), Leslie Bricusse (screenplay).
You've never seen anything like it in your life! #taglines

Dr. John Dolittle

  • If one place is as good as any other, it's high time we decided. Otherwise when we get there, we won't know we've arrived.


  • If you ask me, bein' at sea is very much the same as bein' in prison, except at sea ya stand a better chance of drownin'.
  • "My friend the doctor says the world is full of fantasy, and who are you and I to disagree?"
    --My Friend the Doctor
  • "Our lives tick by like pendulum swings, poor little things, puppets on strings. But life is full of beautiful things... beautiful people, Dolittle people. Beautiful people... like you."
    --Beautiful Things

Tommy Stubbins

Emma Fairfax

  • Emma- "I promise to ask for no special treatment."
    Dr. Dolittle- "Well, I promise to grant none."




  • You've never seen anything like it in your life!
  • Join the FABULOUS CIRCUS with the ONLY PUSHMI-PULLYU in captivity
  • Ride across the sea inside the GIANT PINK SEA SNAIL!
  • The most joyous entertainment for the whole family!
  • Escape a Shipwreck and Travel on a Floating Island with CANNIBALS who Perform Shakespeare!
  • Fly across the world aboard the LUNAR MOTH!
  • Learn to talk in 500 animal languages from a parrot who speaks 1000!


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