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Duel is a 1971 television movie about a salesman driving through the California desert who is suddenly attacked by a large tanker truck after passing it on the deserted road.

Directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Richard Matheson.
Fear is the driving force. Taglines

David Mann

  • Come on you miserable fat-head, get that fat-ass truck outta my way!
  • Well, you never know...you just never know. You just go along figuring some things don't change ever, like being able to drive on a public highway without someone trying to murder you. And then one stupid thing happens. Twenty, twenty-five minutes out of your whole life, and all the ropes that kept you hanging in there get cut loose, and it's like, there you are, right back in the jungle again. All right boy, it was a nightmare, but it's over now. [pauses] It's all over.
  • I don't know, all I did was pass this stupid rig a couple of times and he goes flying off the deep end. He has to be crazy.
  • [In Chuck's Cafe] What if he followed me out, though? Started after me again? I'd be right back where I started; even if I got a lead, he'd overtake me soon enough. He's got some, some, some souped up diesel; my car's just not that powerful, I just can't break eighty and ninety miles an hour. As soon as I stop concentrating, I'd go back to sixty or seventy like I always do; it's a habit, I can't help it, he's just... [pauses] take it easy...just, take it easy.
  • [After hiding his car from the truck] The highway's all yours, Jack. I'm not budging for at least an hour. Maybe the police will pull you in by then. Maybe they won't, but at least you'll be far away from me. [Imitates wife's voice] 'Well dear, did you have a nice trip?' 'Ah, no, no, just the same old thing...'" [falls asleep]
  • I'd like to report a truck driver who's been endangering my life.
  • Don't... don't... don't sit on the hood. That hood will dent. I told the kids not to get on the hood! Just see if you can bounce it loose, and I'll... ah... just bounce it loose.
  • How can he go so fast? [referring to the truck behind him]
  • [While being chased up the mountain] Can't beat me on the grade, you can't beat me on the grade!


Man on radio: I just want to say, I don't mind being counted as an American. I'm one of the silent majority, but I wish you had made some of those questions multiple choice. Now, the question was, 'Are you the head of the family?' Well, quite frankly, the day I married that woman that unfortunately I've been married to for the last twenty-five years...
District Census office employee: [Laughs] Oh...
Man on radio: Well, it's true. Well, I lost the position as head of the family. You see, I stay home; I hate working, I hate going out and seeing people, and getting involved in the rat race and things like that, so she works, and I do the housework and take care of the babies and things like that, and so, I was wondering: you wanted honest answers. Now what I did, I penciled in all of the marks, you wanted marks in these circles here that I see in front of me. Now I penciled it in first, but I said 'No, that's being dishonest. I'm really not the head of the family, and yet I'm the man of the family, although there are people in the neighborhood who would question that.

Gas station attendant: Looks like you could use a new radiator hose.
Mann: Yeah, where have I heard that before. I'll get one later, thanks.
Gas station attendant: You're the boss.
Mann: Not in my house, I'm not.

Cafe owner: [as David Mann exits cafe restroom and enters dining area] Are you all right?
Mann: Yeah, I'm fine.
Cafe owner: What happened out there?
Mann: Oh, just a slight complication.
Cafe owner: Oh? Looked like a big complication to me. [Others laugh]

Mann: [mistakenly thinking that the man eating a sandwich in the cafe is the truck driver harassing him] Look, uh... I want you to cut it out.
Man in Cafe: [bites into sandwich, chewing] Wha?
Mann: Just... just cut it out, okay?
Man in Cafe: [bites into sandwich again, chewing] Cut what out?
Mann: Now come on, let's uh... let's not play games.
Man in Cafe: What the hell you talkin' about?
Mann: I can call the police.
Man in Cafe: [stops eating, looks surprised] Police?
Mann: You think that I won't? You're wrong, mister. I mean if you think you can just... just take that... that truck of yours and use it as a murder weapon and uh... killin' people on the highway... you're wrong! You got another thing comin'!
Man in Cafe: [shakes head, fed up] Man, you need help.
Mann: [Mann slaps the sandwich out of his hand] Don't you tell me I need help!
Man in Cafe: [punches Mann in the stomach]

[Mann's car gets stuck under a bus while attempting to push it]
Girl: Mr. Fiefer, that guy's stuck too.
Bus driver: Shit.

[The truck appears in the tunnel]
Bus driver: Something wrong?
Mann: That bastard turned around and came back.

Mann: That truck driver's crazy, he's been trying to kill me, I mean it!
Bus Driver: Well, mister, if I was to vote on who's crazy around here, it'd be you.

[The truck smashes into the Snake Lady's phone booth]
Mann: Call the police!
Snake Lady: With what? That's the only phone I got!


  • Fear is the driving force.
  • The Killer's Weapon - A 40 Ton Truck
  • Terror in your rear view mirror.
  • When the headlights of a truck become the eyes of a psychopath.
  • The most bizarre murder weapon ever used!


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