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Bernie Ecclestone (October 28, 1930 - ) is the president of Formula One Management and owns such large percentage shares in the various organizations which keep the sport going that he is generally considered the top man in Formula One racing.

Sourced quotes

  • "The banks don't have anything - no rights whatsoever. The banks are shareholders of SLEC, and SLEC has no rights. ... I am the CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration, which runs the business in F1. From this point of view, I own F1."
    • Financial Times. November 23, 2004
    • Bernie Ecclestone responding to the banks holding a trial to determine if he should continue controlling Formula One Holdings and its subsidiares including Formula One Management.
  • “The morning after I die. And the first 12 copies go to the Inland Revenue
    • Financial Times. November 23, 2004
    • Bernie Ecclestone's response from a tongue in cheek interview question that asked: “So when’s your autobiography going to be published, Bernie?”
  • "You know, I've got one of these wonderful ideas that women should all be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances."
    • Bernie Ecclestone, discussing Danica Patrick, the female driver who finished fourth in the 2005 Indianapolis 500 race. (Los Angeles Times, 6/21/05, p. A-18.)

Attributed quotes

  • "Waiters are like hookers, never around when you want them."
  • "Tell her I'm now in the company of my wife, Slavica, who is much younger, better looking and wealthier than the Queen. Therefore, I'll stay with her."
    • Upon receiving an invitation to meet the Queen
  • "They think they've got me by the balls--their hands aren't big enough."
  • "I can't remember a single occasion when I have been kind to a journalist."
  • "Why would I rob a train with only two and a half million pounds on it?"

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