Ecco the Dolphin

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This page is for quotations from the Ecco the Dolphin video game series by Novatrade/Appaloosa Interactive.

Ecco the Dolphin

  • "Ecco, if we breathe air, why do we live beneath the waves?" -one of Ecco's podmates
  • "How high in the sky can you fly?" -another of Ecco's podmates
  • "I remember you! Of course... it was you... and it was I who sent you... Now it is clear." -the Asterite
  • "We feel great energy of thought from the Asterite, but it will not sing to us." -Big Blue
  • "The marks on your head look like stars in the sky" -various dolphins

Ecco the Dolphin 2: Tides of Time

  • "I know where is the cave." -Dolphin in Alpha version
  • "Hello my little singer, it is good to see you and feel your thoughts after so long." -the Asterite
  • "You are the stone that split the stream of time in two." -the Asterite
  • "When I sent you into the past originaly that caused the stream to be split into two that is why you are the stone." version.
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