Eddie August Schneider

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Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940)

Eddie August Schneider (October 20, 1911 – December 23, 1940) set the transcontinental airspeed record for pilots under the age of twenty-one in 1930. When he received his pilot's license, he was the youngest licensed pilot in the United States.


  • Hello Pop, I made it.
    • Associated Press. "Boy makes new round trip mark", Coshocton Tribune, August 25, 1930.
    • After setting the transcontinental airspeed record
  • I was broke, hungry, jobless … yet despite the fact that all three of us are old-time aviators who did our part for the development of the industry, we were left out in the cold in the Administration’s program of job making. Can you blame us for accepting the lucrative Spanish offer?
    • "3 U.S. Airmen Here to Explain Aid to Loyalists; Acosta, Berry, Schneider Fly to Capital With Their Attorney", Washington Post, January 20, 1937, p. 5.
    • Congressional testimony about his participation in the Yankee Squadron of the Spanish Civil War

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