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Edward Regan Murphy (born April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York) is a Golden Globe-winning actor (2007) and comedian, for performance at Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, The Nutty Professor, and most recently Dreamgirls. He has also enjoyed a minor singing career.


  • Make a special wonton soup for him.
    • from Delirious, his comedy show.
      • Note: In reference to the bigoted/stereotyped remarks Murphy made about Asian Americans in Delirious, he states that he can no longer eat in Chinese restaurants as he believes that all the chefs will urinate in his soup.
  • I have nothing against homosexuals. I think an orgasm is your thing, and you should fuck whoever the fuck you feel like fucking. Whoever makes you come the hardest. Anybody who says you shouldn't, fuck them.
    • Playboy interview, February 1990.


  • Now look y'all. I was born a black man. A black BOY actually . . . unfortunately (laughter). Being a black man you don't get the opportunities that other people get . . . you get more (laughter). For example, what other race gets the opportunity to become CEO of a major company without any experience...or education (LAUGHTER).
  • How can you do the moonwalk and ask a woman to dance. "Hey baby lets dance...cya later" - Raw
  • ...then I watched the show, because I didn't really know him [Mr. T], I watched the show to see what kinda guy he was and the character on the show ain't too bright so I figured if he came upto me I could use the jedi mind trick on him.:
Mr. T walk up to me and go "I heard you did some jokes about me."
"No you didn't."
"Maybe I didn't...I'm gonna beat up the fool that gone tell me them lies" - Raw
  • Is this your bag sir? Yeah its my motherfucking bag! Why Motherfucker? A black man can´t have a suitcase?!
  • Hey Eddie Murphy, Fuck You! I know you Eddie Murphy, its the "Fuck you man"!
    • In reference to the bigoted/stereotyped remarks Murphy made about immigrant Americans who speak English as a second language, in his comedy show Eddie Murphy Raw.
  • Hey baby what's going on?
The rent mother-fucker...
  • He said "Michael Jackson is mad." I was like "so?". 'cos y'know I'd fuck Mike up.
  • I was so mad I called Richard Pryor's house up and said yo Richard, Bill Cosby just called me up and told me I'm too dirty and Richard said the next time motherfucker calls tell him I said Suck My Dick, 'cause I don't give a fuck, Whatever the fuck make the people laugh say that shit. He said do the people laugh when you say what you say? I said Yes, He said, Do you get paid, I said Yes, He said well tell Bill I said have a Coke and a Smile and shut the fuck up. Jello pudding eating motherfucker.
    • Talking about his conversation with Bill Cosby
  • There are good wrenches and bad wrenches in life. Sometimes you just have to pick up the good wrenches and smile.
  • Eddie's impersonation of Mr.T as a homosexual: "Hey Boy!........ Hey Boy! You look mighty cute in them jeans........................ Now come on over here... and fuck me up the ass!...... I'm gonna bend over now <bends over and groans "Urrrr" "Ahhhh">......... Hey boy slow down! You're gonna mess around and cum too fast! You make me get mad I'll clench up my butt cheeks and rip your dick off!

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