Edwin Muir

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Edwin Muir (15 May 1887 - 3 January, 1959) was a Scottish poet, novelist and translator, born in Deerness, on the Orkney Islands.


  • The world's great day is growing late,
    Yet strange these fields that we have planted
    So long with crops of love and hate.
    • One Foot in Eden (1972)
  • Long time he lay upon the sunny hill,
    To his father's house below securely bound.
    • Childhood (1983)
  • They do not live in the world,
    Are not in time and space.
    From birth to death hurled
    No word do they have, not one
    To plant a foot upon,
    Were never in any place.
    • The Animals (1983)
  • I have observed in foolish awe
    The dateless mid-days of the law
    And seen indifferent justice done
    By everyone on everyone.
    • The Brothers (1983)

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