El Tigre (TV series)

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El Tigre (2007-) is an animated series produced for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network.

  • "This will be awesome if we survive!"-manny
  • "WHAT? You gave me no money!"-puma loco
  • "Ha! I knew it,you're just another goody-two-shoes!"-zoe aves
  • "Robot! cower before the awesome might of...White Pantre!"-white pantera
  • "EVIL will triumph over good!"-puma loco
  • "Cheating is not everything, it is the ONLY THING! Now get out there and cheat like you've never cheated before!"-puma loco

"Alright this is a robbery. Give me your wallets. And leave the money in them"- El Oso


  • manny:Curse you,Dr. Eugene L. Butterman!

Dr. Eugene L. Butterman:Make that to go.