English chemistry mnemonics

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Here are some English mnemonics related to chemistry.


The elements Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Oxygen, Iodine, Chlorine, and Bromine are always found as diatomic molecules:

  • Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen HALogens (group 7) - HONHAL
  • HONClFIBr (say HONKLE-fibber)
  • HONClBrIF (say HONKLE-brif)
  • BrINClHOF (say Brinckle-hoff)
  • Old Henry's Nose Flows Clear Brown Ink
  • Have No Fear Of Ice Cold Beer
  • Never Have Fear Of Ice Cold Beer
  • I Have No Bright Or Clever Friends
  • I Bring Clay For Our New House
  • ClIF H Bron
  • HOFBrINCl Twins (twins because they exist in pairs)
  • There are seven such elements. The first one is the first element Hydrogen; the rest form a 7 on the periodic table: N, O, F across, then going down Cl, Br, I.
  • Obsessed Cleveland Brown Fans Have No Intelligence

Sing a song for Jimmy Brown for Jimmy is no more, for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4

Atomic Sublevels - s, p, d, f
Smart People Don't Fail or Some People Do Fail

Oxidation and reduction

Acronyms for oxidation and reduction:

  • Oxidation Is Losing Electrons, Reduction Is Gaining Electrons: OIL RIG
  • Electron Loss Means Oxidation: ELMO
  • Losing Electrons Oxidation, Gaining Electrons Reduction: LEO the lion. GER! or LEO says GER

Oxidation and reduction in the electrodes of an electrochemical cell:

  • Oxidation takes place at the anode (both start with vowels) reduction takes place at the cathode (both start with consonants).
  • REDuction at CAThode: RED CAT
  • ANode for OXidation: AN OX
  • Anode for Oxidation: Adults Only
  • Reduction at Cathode: Roman Catholic
  • At the AN'ode Oxidation Is Loss; and Reduction Is Gain at the CAThoed: AN OIL RIG CAT

The elements that form hydrogen bonds when bonded to hydrogren are Fluorine Oxygen Nitrogen:

  • Hydrogen is FON! (fun)
  • I think about hydrogen bonds OFN (often)

Cations are positive, while anions are negative:

  • The letter t in cation looks like a positive plus sign +: ca+ion
  • Cations are pawsitive.
  • An ANION is A Negative ION.
  • Be POSITIVE about your CATs

Metals form cations in ionic reactions

  • Metal Cat, Metal Cat, Where is my Metal Cat?

Organic ions:

  • "A hot carbonium ion is a naked carbonium ion" -- George Olah, in lecture, 1966

The sequence of dicarboxilic acids is Oxalic, Malonic, Succinic, Glutaric, Adipic, Pimelic:

  • Oh My Stars, Green Apples
  • Oh My, Such Good Apple Pie

The list of elements from most electronegative to least electronegative begins Fluorine Oxygen Nitrogen Chlorine:

  • FONCl (phone call)

Another mnemonic for Halogens

First Class Boy In Atlatown F Cl Br I At

Free energy equation (Gibbs-Helmholtz equation): ΔG = ΔH - TΔS:

  • Grades = Hardship - Torture*Suffering, remembered with the terms in alphabetical sequence
  • Goldfish are Hell without Tartar Sauce

Remembering sequence of alcohols,aldehydes,alkenes and alkanes

Many Elderly People Buy Picnic Hampers

Many Equestian People Buy Pretty Happy Horses Of Noble Descent

Many Evil People Burn People's Houses Hoping Obnoxious Neighbors Die

Methanol Ethanol Propanol Butanol Pentanol Hexanol

Methanal Ethanal Propanal Butanal Pentanal Hexanal

Methene Ethene Propene Butene Pentene Hexene

Methane Ethane Propane Butane Pentane Hexane

Another Propane//Butane Mnemonic:

Propane has 4 letters and 3 Carbons Butane has 3 letters and 4 carbons

Periodic table

Period 1 of the periodic table contains H and He; period 2 contains Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F and Ne:

  • HEre LIes BEarded Bill Caught Napping On Friday.
  • He Likes Beer But Can Not Obtain Food
  • Harry, He Likes Beer By Cups Not OverFlowing
  • Harry, He Likes Beer But Cup's Not Over Flowing
  • Little Betty Boron Chews Nuts On Friday Night
  • Henry, He Likes Betty But Can Not Offer Flower Necklace
  • London BBC NO FuN
  • Liz's Better Babies Could Not Often Feel Nervous

Period 3:

  • Negress Named Magnolia Alters Sister's Photos Surprisingly Cleverly.
  • Neil Naturally Megaphonic Always Sings Part Songs Clearly
  • Nelly's Naughty Mg Allows Silly People Some Clatter Around Katie's Carpark
  • NaMgAl SiPS Chlorine Ardently
  • Nancy Margaret Always Sing Pop *Song Called "Arren King's Car"

Naughty Maggie Allowed Simon Put Sugar Clothes

  • Nations Might Ally Since Power Structures Clear the A[i]r [From my own college days, 1968....]

Period 4:

  • A(r) Kopper Called Scarface Tim, Very Crafty Man, (Fe) i(ro)nCogNito Cunning Zena, Gave Gertie A(s) Severe Bruise

A popular full mnemonic sentence for the first row transitions metals is:
Scienists Tinker with Very Crafty Mnemonics to Feel Confident about Nine Cursed transition metals (Zinc is not a transition metal - hence nine)

Periods 1-4:

  • H HeLi BeB C NO FNe Na MgAl SiPS ClArK Ca ScTiV CrMn FeCoNiCuZn GaGeAs Se BrKr

Now try to speak the whole thing as if a sensible sentence while pausing where there are spaces huh hally baby see no funny, naa muggle sips clark kaa, scativ craman feconi-cuisine, gaa-gay-ass se barkar

Here is a better method but in Hindi-- Kaka Sakti Vakra Mann Feconi CuZn Gage Assi Barkar Noble gases

  • HeNeArKrXeRn

Say it like a sentence: "he knee arr ker zee run"

Here Is another method

Hena Nena Aur Kareena Ek Saath Rahengi

First Family (IA): Lina K. Ribcus (France): Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr

An easy full paragraph for first 25 elements in periodic table:

Hitler HEendry LIved BEside BORON's Cottage Near Owl Fowl's NEst NAtty(notty) MG.ALex SIted Papa Santa CLause ARound Kelly's CAstel. SChooling Tim VANADIUM CRashed into MAin(mine)

--Anupkhanal34 14:55, 29 October 2008 (UTC)== ### Here's a better way to memorize the Names of the elements in order upto atomic number 20: Ha He Lived in Bell Buried in Carbon, No Owl Flattered Neither Nasty Magpie All in Silken Pant and Shirt Clean and Arranged by Kallips Camp...

The atomic symbols are highlighted correctly except for Magnesium (Mg)

The code for the elements after the atomic number 20 upto 30 are as follows: School Teacher Violated Crossing Magna Iron Company Nicely Cautioning Zohn. ==

Dicarboxylic acids: "Oh, My Sister Gladys Ate Peas" Oxonic, Malonic, Succinic, Glutaric, Adipic Phthalic