Fail-Safe (1964 film)

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Fail-Safe is a 1964 film about a nuclear strike launched by accident.

Directed by Sidney Lumet. Based on the novel 'Fail-Safe' by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler.
'Fail-Safe' will have you sitting on the brink of eternity!

Brigadier General Warren Abraham Black

  • [flying over New York City] We've all been briefed on the mission, so there is nothing more to say. I only have one last one else is to have anything to do with the dropping of the bombs. I repeat, I will fly the plane and release the bombs. The final act is mine.
  • [dying words] Katie...a dream...a dream...the matador...the matador... the


[on Groeteschele recommending a first strike]
General Black: You're justifying murder.
Professor Groeteschele: Yes, to keep from being murdered!
U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: Mr. President!
The President: Yes, Jay?
U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: I can hear the sound of explosions from the northeast! The sky is very bright, all lit up(cut off by high shrill sound of the Ambassador's phone melting from the nuclear blast)
The President:(on the intercom) Put me through to General Black.
General Black: Yes, Mr. President?
The President: Blackie...
General Black:(obviously upset) Yes, Mr. President?
The President:(sighing in resignation) Moscow's been destroyed. Drop your bombs according to plan.
General Black:(pause) Yes, sir.


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