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Family Guy uses a common Wikiquote TV-show formatting scheme that provides unambiguous attribution of quotes in a dialog format, includes Wikipedia links to character pages, and organizes all quotes grouped by episode. The additional overhead of maintaining such organization can be intimidating for new editors.

This format page describes the formatting practices and provides text that allows editors to copy-and-paste format elements into the main article. It also describes how and where to add new quotes, especially if one doesn't know where the quote belongs.


For maximum information content and readability, all quotes are listed in their respective episodes. If you don't know which episode a quote belongs to, but you know the character who uttered it, add it to their sub-section in the Unknown episode section.

Other editors that monitor this page frequently will review the new quotes and move them into the correct position.

Basic quote formatting

MediaWiki, the software used to operate Wikiquote, does not provide convenient formatting for dialog. Many variations of HTML and wiki markup have been tested, but the following guidelines used on this page have achieved considerable popularity. (NOTE: These guidelines can be overwhelming in their entirety. See Shortcuts below on how to get started.)

  • Each block of dialog is separated by the following HTML divider:
    <hr width="50%"/>
    This divider separates dialog blocks with a half-page-width horizontal line that distiguishes the blocks from the full-page-width lines that mark section headings.
  • Each dialog segment consists of one or more text lines in the following format:
    :''[after sniffing another dog's butt]''
    :'''Brian''': I thought I smelled cookies.
    :'''Mort Goldman''': Wow! Does it really smell like... Oh, God! She farted and it went down my throat!
    This is displayed by Wikiquote like so:
    [after sniffing another dog's butt]
    Brian: I thought I smelled...cookies.
    Mort Goldman: Wow! Does it really smell like... Oh, God! She farted, and it went down my throat!
    Note the following:
    • Each line is indented by a colon (:). This is required to prevent multiple lines from being combined by the wiki software.
    • Each character's name is bolded by surrounding it with three apostrophes (''').
    • Each character name is fully capitalized (i.e., uppercase every first letter) and is followed by a colon (:) outside the bolding.
    • Optional context lines are italicized by surrounding them with two apostrophes (''). The text itself is surrounded by [brackets]. They should be complete sentences whenever possible. Context lines do not describe what the quotes are about, but rather describe the setting. They should be short, and be used sparingly. In general, the quotes should speak for themselves.
    • Optional stage directions (like [quietly]) are like context lines, except they should be as short as possible and are never complete sentences. They are used to indicate a speaking style or gesture that is crucial to understanding the quote.


The most important element of Wikiquote articles is, of course, the quotes themselves. If you are just getting started contributing to these highly formatted quote pages, or you feel it's too much work, you can add a quote or dialog segment with only a slight amount of formatting and no context or stage directions:

:Peter: Statement.
:Brian: Retort.
which will look like this:
Peter: Statement.
Brian: Retort.

In additional to the quoted text, this minimal formatting ensures that each dialog line is on a separate physical line, and each line is attributed to a character. The editors who regularly monitor this article can add the rest of the formatting at a later date. But we encourage you to learn the basic rules as you get comfortable, and use the character-list text to provide readers with links to the characters' Wikipedia articles.

What quotes to add

The purpose of Wikiquote is to provide quotes that are memorable as presented in text form on a page. It cannot do justice to quotes that are interesting because of accompanying visual imagery or sounds that cannot be briefly and usefully described. It is also not a source for full transcriptions of programs or even of entire scenes. (The former is the province of fan sites; both it and the latter are technically copyright violations, which Wikiquote does not accept.) Please bear in mind when considering adding a quote whether the quote would be interesting to someone who has never seen the show, and has no means to see it. In other words, make sure the quote's "interest factor" can be demonstrated by the quote itself, with at most only a little contextual information. One exception may be notorious one-line or similarly short quotes that somehow exemplify the show itself, like a motto or a catch phrase.

Verifying quotes

Editors providing quotes for TV shows and films should note that the vast majority of quote websites are notoriously inaccurate. Even well-respected sources like IMDb are plagued with quotes that people add as they remember them, not as they observe and verify by examining the program from which the quotes are taken. Even reviewing the program, one must consider how it may have been edited for telecast or presented in some form other than a canonical version (e.g., edited for time and/or content, deleted scenes from a DVD, alternate endings). And different people may watch the same scene and think they heard different words. Because of this, please be careful about using quotes from sources other than the original program. If there is any dispute about the accuracy of a quote, please bring it up on the talk page of the main article.

Character list

Below is a set of preformatted character names that can be copied and pasted into quotes to provide full formatting and linking to Wikipedia articles. They are separated into regular and recurring characters.

:'''[[w:Peter Griffin|Peter]]''':
:'''[[w:Lois Griffin|Lois]]''':
:'''[[w:Stewie Griffin|Stewie]]''':
:'''[[w:Megan Griffin|Meg]]''':
:'''[[w:Chris Griffin|Chris]]''':
:'''[[w:Brian Griffin|Brian]]''':
:'''[[w:Joe Swanson|Joe]]''':
:'''[[w:Cleveland Brown|Cleveland]]''':
:'''[[w:Glenn Quagmire|Quagmire]]''':
:'''Diane Simmons''':
:'''Tom Tucker''':
:'''Tricia Takanawa''':