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Fred Phelps, c. 2001

Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. (born November 13, 1929) is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, a religious organization based out of his home in Topeka, Kansas that operates independently of any other Baptist church or religious organization.

Phelps is known for preaching that God hates homosexuals and will punish both them and "fag enablers" (which his church defines as anyone whom they find to be insufficiently anti-homosexual). He claims that deaths in the war in Iraq, along with other tragic events such as the September 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina, are caused by God because of His hatred of homosexuals and America's tolerance of them.


  • Mr. Rogers gave aid and comfort to homosexuals. He was a man who preached tolerance of all sorts of people in ways that directly contradicted the Bible. His syrupy teachings led millions astray. He was a wuss and he was an enabler of wusses.

Quotations from Phelps' sermons

Concerning Snyder v. Westboro Baptist Church

“The United States of America put the Westboro Baptist Church on trial for our deeply held religious beliefs – a thing that has never before, in the history of this nation, been done. [They] put us on trial for what we truly, deeply believe. They don’t like it. They said in effect that if our preaching offended anybody, they could sue us – and get $10 million: ‘I don’t like that preaching. Sue!’

“Mind you, in The New York Times v. Sullivan case, [the courts] said that in political debate, speech can be robust, wide open, and uninhibited – for political debate! How much more so for...old time gospel hellfire and damnation preaching? – Sermon, November 4, 2007

Other Quotes

These quotes came from an audio file of sermon clips on[1]

  • "America is doomed and cursed by God irreversibly."
  • "It's too late to pray for America. It's a sin to pray for America."
  • "Hurricane Rita is an answer to the prayers of the suffering saints of Westboro Baptist Church." (Hurricane Katrina has also been cited on other sources)
  • "The Lord God Almighty killed [the people who died on 9/11], looked at them in the face, laughed and mocked at each one of them as he cast each one of them into hell."
  • "Nobody that's intelligent and that fears God will fly the American flag any way but upside-down, the international symbol of distress."
  • "All ye having business before this honorable [Supreme] Court draw nigh, give your attention and ye shall be heard. No, no. Draw nigh and bend over. I'm gonna rape you up the butt."
  • "The President of the United States gets his jollies masturbating horses."
  • "The hell with your flag. The hell with your fag army, your fag courts, your fag-run government."
  • "This is the hypocritical, fag-infested, fag-run United States of America and we're supposed to respect that fag rag flag?"
  • "The red on that flag stands for fag rectal blood."
  • "On Pope John Paul II's watch, the Roman Catholic Church became the church of the holy pedophiles. And sodomite feces replaced the wafer for their communion service. And Sodomite semen replaced the wine that the Pope drinks."
  • "1.07 billion members of that monstrous machine called the Roman Catholic Church. Every last one of them going to hell."
  • "You tweaked His nose, you jackass!" (Referring to George W. Bush.)
  • "You're gonna eat your babies!" (In reference to Deuteronomy 28:53.)
  • "Well, we wish it were 33,000 killed, but we are thankful for 33." (In reference to the VTech shootings.)

Signs Carried by the Westboro Baptist Church

A collection of Westboro signs and slogans can be seen at "The signs of the times" web page.

Other slogans are[citation needed]:

  • God Hates You[2]
  • God Hates Your Tears[3]
  • God Hates Fag Enablers[2]
  • God Is Your Enemy[2]
  • Thank God for 9/11[2]
  • Thank God for $10.9M[2]
  • Thank God for the Tsunami[4]
  • Thank God for Katrina[5]
  • Thank God for Dead Soldiers[2]
  • Thank God for IEDs (improvised explosive devices)[2]
  • Thank God for AIDS[6]
  • Fag Santa (carried at Christmas time)
  • Fag Flag (with an inverted American flag)[2]
  • Fags Doom Nations (Image)
  • Fags Are Worthy of Death (Image)
  • Dyke sin
  • Fags Eat Feces = Scat
  • Fag Troops[2]
  • Menninger Therapy (complete with two stick figures mounting)
  • Repent or Perish[7]
  • Dyke nuns and Fag Priests (carried outside Catholic churches)
  • Dyke Sows Wed Here (complete with pictures of pigs in wedding dresses covered with feces; carried at lesbian weddings)
  • Brides of Satan (referring to lesbian weddings)
  • Don't Worship the Dead[2]
  • Disney Fags (used during Disney on Ice at the Expo Center.)
  • No tears for queers
  • fag = anal sex = death
  • AIDS is God's Gift
  • Fags die, God laughs
  • Matt Shepard rots in hell
  • Fag Pimp
  • Dyke Liberty
  • You Will Eat Your children
  • Fags eat poop
  • Fags rot in hell
  • Your Pastor Is A Whore[2]
  • Pope in Hell[1]
  • Fear God[2]
  • Prepare to meet thy God[3]
  • Heath in Hell[4]
  • Semper Fi Semper Fags
  • Pray For More Dead Soldiers
  • Pray For More Dead Kids
  • Don't Pray for the U.S.A.
  • Priests Rape Boys
  • Catholic Priests Are Liars
  • The Godfather of Pedophiles
  • Molester Mafia Boss
  • Pedophile Rape Pimp
  • Pervert Pope


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