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G.I. Joe is a long and diverse line of military themed Action Figures, Cartoons, and Comic Books, first appearing in the mid-sixties, and still being produced and published to this day.

Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics series, written by Larry Hama, running 155 issues. A companion series, Special Missions, ran 28 issues, and often concerned itself with real world events.

A Real American Hero

Issue #1

Hawk: We're soldiers. Our mission is to do the impossible, and make it look easy.

(The original line was "We're soldiers. Our mission is to do the impossible, and then be forgotten." This was changed by the editors.)

Issue #104

Major Bludd: Living heroes have a tendency to become idealistic after a revolution. They have no concept of the mundane practicalities of government.
Dead heroes, on the other hand, are much more malleable.

Issue #150

Scarlett: The bond between those who have been through combat together is a brotherhood sealed in blood and watched over by the ghosts of those who fell.

Issue #151

Cobra Commander: Less declamation and more retaliation, if you don't mind, Dr. Mindbender!

Action Figure File Cards

The G.I. Joe toy series, from the 1980's onward, had file cards on the back, filled with biographical information about the character, such as real names, birthplaces, rank, and military specialties; following that, there was a flavor quote. These were also usually written by Larry Hama.

Cobra Commander

Most dictators and would-be Napoleon types are hampered by the need to pretend that they are pursuing a noble and just cause. Cobra Commander doesn't have that problem. This guy's in it for the money and the power, and if anybody else is interested in these things, they can pick up an assault rifle and get in line behind him.