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Greek (2007- ) is an American teen comedy-drama television series in which the show follows students of Cyprus-Rhodes University who partake in the school's Greek system.

Season 1

Seperation Anxiety 1.8

Rusty: I think I'm ready to use the 'L' word with Jen.
Cappie: That's a pretty bold move. What makes you think she's a lesbian? And is that a feel-breaker for you?

Rusty: What's the worst thing you can imgagine?
Calvin: This.
Rusty: Try telling your girlfriend 'I love you' and getting a 'thank you' back.
Calvin: Ouch.

Rusty: In less than 24 hours I went from Boyfriend, to moron, to stalker.

Cappie: (drunk)Spitter, what possessed you to ignore my advice? Have I ever led you afoul - like...really afoul? Like of the law?
Rusty: I did it because of the law.
Cappie: Which one?! And together we'll fight it.

Seperation Anxiety 1.9

Rusty: Can we use your room?
Jen K: I don't think so. My roommate Stephanie could barely make it past the dresser this morning.
Rusty: She needs to go to Student Health.
Jen K: That's the problem. She's agoraphobic. She can't really GO anywhere. She spends all day on the internet talking to her little webcam. It's like living with Lonelygirl15

Rusty: Nevermind. I've got to go talk to Dale. He's probably finishing his fruit-rollup

Cappie: What is your hurry? We have all weekend. Besides, I'd like to get to know my supervisor before I get to 'stroop' her. (Rebecca glares) It really is an amazing word that can be used in many different ways.

Dale: Well. You know, love the sinner, hate the sin.

Rebecca: I know how hard you work to pretend that nothing ever bothers you.
Cappie: (sarcastically) Stop, I'll tell you where the nukes are.

Calvin: (dancing) I am lucky to have such a beautiful lady on my arm. (groans) Aaaaaaand my feet.

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