Garbage Pail Kids

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Eliot Mess

  • Warn them somehow got to We've!
  • Easy Take It!
  • Not That's Fair!
  • We help your need!
  • Outta get let's here!
  • Quick light the place on fire!
  • Monsters! Yipes more!

Split Kit

  • I say we attack...
  • I say we ripped the painting up.
  • Fear not, Terri baby! I'll save us.
  • Now let's get you back home, Abe baby!
  • Awful?! I think it's neat!

Terri Cloth

  • Gimme a break!

Patty Putty

  • Never trust an adult who isn't grossed out by a Garbage Pailer!

Clogged Duane

  • If you want a real scare, you should try spending all night in the house that dripped crud!