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Manoel Francisco dos Santos (28 October 1933 - 20 January 1983), known by the nickname "Garrincha" ("little bird"),[1] was a Brazilian footballer who helped the Brazil national team win World Cups of 1958 and 1962. He is considered one of the best dribblers in football history,[2] and the best Brazilian player ever after Pelé.[3]


  • Without Garrincha, I would never have been a three-time world champion. - Pelé[4]
  • Pelé was the best but Garrincha was better. Pelé was a machine, Garrincha was an artist. Garrincha was Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney and a snake charmer all rolled into one. [citation needed]
  • He can dribble twenty players before scoring! – Nilton Santos, Brazilian teammate [citation needed]
  • He was never interested in money; he was simple and, for him, football was fun. – Elza Soares.[5]
  • Pelé was an exceptional player, but Garrincha played with the ball as a kid with a toy.

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