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Gary Peters (born August 3 1954 in Carshalton, London) is a former English football player and football manager.


  • It's not going to happen; all the lemmings who want to jump off the cliff and rip everything up won't get their wish. At times I feel like the only sensible lemming on the cliff, saying 'this is stupid why are we doing this, why are we going to dive off the cliff?'. Usually they all say 'well, this is what we normally do' and then push him off as well, but no one is pushing this lemming off the cliff - he's going to stand on the cliff and stop you."
    • Gary Peters on being asked if it is time to jump ship from Shrewsbury Town Football Club in his weekly 'Ask Gary' column.
  • JB - As your live on radio, we must remind you to refrain from swearing", "GP - So I can't say bollocks then!?!"
    • Gary Peters in a interview with James Bond from BBC Radio Shropshire.

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