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Gastón Gaudio (born 1978-12-09), nicknamed El Gato (Spanish for The Cat), is a professional tennis player from Argentina. His career-high ATP Entry ranking was No. 5 in 2005. He was the 2004 Roland Garros champion.


  • They are the "galácticos," the Real Madrid team and I am Valencia.
    • On his compatariots David Nalbandian and Guillermo Coria.[1]
  • I think maybe you should ask someone else. Don't ask me.
    • When asked how one could stop Federer winning his third straight Masters Cup title[2]
  • I'm used to it.
    • When asked on how frustrating was losing against Hewitt on Roland Garros 2007 after being up 2 sets to 0[3]


  • Today I’d have lost even against my mother.
    • After losing to Massu in the US Open 2003
  • I want to come next year and win. If I don't get the car I'm going to steal it!
    • After the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart
  • It is 100-percent satisfaction. When I returned to Buenos Aires after playing Davis Cup in Moscow and Málaga, you had the impression it was my fault and that hurt me," he said. "That's why I have enjoyed this moment twice as much because there are many people who have helped me through my difficult moments. Now it's like a revenge.
    • At the Roland Garros press conference after he won in 2004
  • Yes, I had never thought of that before.
    • When Fred Stolle asked him about his footfaults, saying "Why don’t you stand back from the line a bit?"

About Gastón Gaudio

  • I have known Gastón since I was 10 years old. He is a friend like the friends I have of all my life. With him or Juan Chela, friendship goes far away from tennis. The truth is that what happened to him is unbelievable because winning Roland Garros is everyone of us' dream. When I saw him crying on TV, I cried too. And my mother dropped a lot of tears; she was deeply touched because she loves him like a son.


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