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Marvin Gaye (2 April 1939 - 1 April 1984) American pop, soul and R&B singer and songwriter; born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr.


  • Mother, mother
    There's too many of you crying.
    Brother, brother, brother
    There's far too many of you dying.
    You know we've got to find a way
    To bring some lovin' here today.
    • "What's Going On" (1971)
  • Father, father
    We don't need to escalate.
    You see, war is not the answer
    For only love can conquer hate.
    You know we've got to find a way
    To bring some lovin' here today.
    • "What's Going On" (1971)
  • Picket lines and picket signs
    Don't punish me with brutality
    Talk to me, so you can see
    Oh, what's going on
    What's going on.
    • "What's Going On" (1971)
  • Father, father, everybody thinks we're wrong
    Oh, but who are they to judge us
    Simply because our hair is long
    Oh, you know we've got to find a way
    To bring some understanding here today.
    • "What's Going On" (1971)
  • Stop beating around the bush, let's get it on.
    • "Let's Get In On" (1973)
  • Ooh, baby let's get down tonight
    Baby I'm hot just like an oven
    I need some lovin'
    And baby, I can't hold it much longer
    It's getting stronger and stronger
    And when I get that feeling
    I want Sexual Healing.
    Sexual Healing, baby
    Makes me feel so fine
    Helps to relieve my mind.
    • "Sexual Healing" ; co-written with David Ritz (1982)
  • Sexual Healing baby, is good for me
    Sexual Healing is something that's good for me.
    • "Sexual Healing" ; co-written with David Ritz (1982)
  • Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, let's make love tonight
    Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, 'cos you do it right.
    • "Sexual Healing" ; co-written with David Ritz (1982)


  • Detroit turned out to be heaven, but it also turned out to be hell.
  • Great artists suffer for the people.
  • I always knew I was an artist and not the cog in some machine. To be an artist is a blessing and a privilege. Artists must never betray their true hearts. Artists must look beneath the surface and show that there is more to this world than what meets the eye.
  • I am not going to be dictated to by fans, certainly. I am dictated enough to by my record company to last me a million years.
  • I hope to refine music, study it, try to find some area that I can unlock. I don't quite know how to explain it but it's there. These can't be the only notes in the world, there's got to be other notes some place, in some dimension, between the cracks on the piano keys.
  • I sing about life.
  • Marriage is miserable unless you find the right person that is your soulmate and that takes a lot of looking.
  • Most fear stems from sin; to limit one's sins, one must assuredly limit one's fear, thereby bringing more peace to one's spirit.
  • Music is one of the closest link-ups with God that we can probably experience. I think it's a common vibrating tone of the musical notes that holds all life together.
  • Music, not sex, got me aroused.

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