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Gene Ray (born 1927), American self-described scientist and creator of the controversial Time Cube Theory.


  • Gene Ray: Another thing, did you know your father is a fish?
Interviewer: No, I did not know my... [laughter]
Gene Ray: You know how salmon swim upstream, the male fertilizes the female eggs laid in the water?
Interviewer: Yes.
Gene Ray: The sperm fish swims upstream just like the salmon fertilizes female eggs laid in the water.

  • YOU KNOW WHAT!!! You are educated stupid as teachers lack intelligence. Truth is Cubic. Time is Cubic... Life is Cubic.... Form is Cubic.. Family is Cubic.. Village is Cubic.. Evil is cubeless. Self is cubeless. God is cubeless. Language is a human invention of an evil cubeless singularity.
  • Hey stupid - are you too dumb to know there are 4 different simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth?
  • Linear Time is wrong and suicidal.
  • -1 x -1 = +1 is stupid and evil.
  • I bestow upon myself the "Doctorate of Cubicism", for educators are ignorant of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube Principle and cannot bestow the prestigious honor of wisdom upon the wisest human ever.
  • Dumb academicians cannot comprehend their slavery to counterfeit word and its evil. Word enslaves mind. Talking dog could enslave humanity. Teachers enslave you stupid.
  • YOU are the lowest form.
YOU can't procreate alone.
YOU destroyed the village.
YOU destroyed the family.
YOU destroyed childhood.
YOU destroyed naturalism.
YOU don't know the Truth.
YOU pitiful mindless fools,
YOU are educated stupid.
YOU worship cubeless word.
YOU are your own poison.
YOU create your own hell.
YOU must seek Time Cube."
  • I think Cubic, I am wisest. You think self, you are evil. Your Professors are stupid evil Liars, and fear the Time Cube Truth.
  • There is "absolute proof" that You are personified pyramid.
  • My wisdom so antiquates known knowledge, that a psychiatrist examining my behavior, eccentric by his academic single corner knowledge, knows no course other than to judge me schizoprenic. In today's society of greed, men of word illusion are elected to lead and wise men are condemned. You must establish a Chair of Wisdom to empower Wise Men over the stupid intelligentsia, or perish.
  • ARE YOU JEWISH? I Am Not Jewish, Neither Was My Mother Or Father. Anyone saying that Jesus and his Jewish father had something to do with my birth, is a damn evil liar. I am of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube - in which both word and god are outlawed. No plant nor animal speaks word, a fraud by evil adults.
  • WARNING: Education corrupts your rationale to know. Students suspended for viewing Time Cube. Test free speech right to debate Time Cube. This site may be hazardous to your stupidity.
  • Minds must see a Time Cube, that eyes cannot comprehend.
  • I am wiser than any god or scientist, for I have squared the circle and cubed Earth's sphere, thus I have created 4 simultaneous separate 24 hour days within a 4-corner (as in a 4-corner classroom) rotation of Earth. See for yourself the absolute proof.
  • Tis Time to kill any educator who does not teach Cubicism above cubelessness. To save humanity from extinction, like prior civilizations perished, youth must redirect self teachers, or destroy them. ... It is not immoral for students to kill all educators who ignore Nature's Harmonic Time Cube or suppress free speech rights to debate Time Cube Creation Principle.
  • It's not immoral to kill Americans who IGNORE their OPPOSITE sex parents who Created them, but instead worship a queer jew who claims to make people out of dirt - when the body is 90 percent water. A God so stupid that he claims only a single day rotation of Earth - while my Cubic Wisdom has allowed me to create 4 simultaneous days within a single Earth rotation. Americans do not deserve life. They live only for today, the evil singularity word bastards.