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Geoffrey Boycott (born October 21, 1940) is a former England cricketer.


  • [After witnessing a dropped catch] I reckon my mum could have caught that in her pinny.
  • [After Kevin Pietersen hit a huge sweep shot, said with an air of utter confidence] That's out. [The ball then travelled well into the stands] Er, out of the ground that is!
  • [After Ashish Nehra went down slowly to field a ball versus England in the 2003 World Cup] He went down in installments there.
  • [After Pakistani wicket-keeperKamran Akmal dropped England batsman Paul Collingwood] He could have caught that between the cheeks of his backside.
  • My gran could do better with a stick of rhubarb!
  • [On an LBW shout in the 2005 ashes] It's missing leg, missing off and knocking middle out halfway up. You've got to give that out. A blind man would give that out.
  • There's more brains in a pork pie than you. (To Tony Greig)
  • It's always cricket first. (the accent makes it more memorable)

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