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Sir George Etherege (c. 1635 – c. 1692-05-10) was an English dramatist who helped to create the genre of Restoration comedy.


The Man of Mode (1676)

  • Next to the coming to a good understanding with a new mistress, I love a quarrel with an old one.
    • Act I
  • When love grows diseased, the best thing we can do is to put it to a violent death. I cannot endure the torture of a lingering and consumptive passion.
    • Act II, sc. ii
  • Writing, madam, is a mechanic part of wit. A gentleman should never go beyond a song or a billet.
    • Act IV, sc. i
  • I know all beyond High Park's a desert to you.
    • Act V, sc. ii
    • Often misquoted as "Beyond Hyde Park all is a desert".

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