George Peele

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George Peele (born in London, baptized 25 July 1556 – buried 9 November 1596), was an English dramatist.


  • Villain, a horse--
    Villain, I say, give me a horse to fly,
    To swim the river, villain, and to fly.
    • Battle of Alcazar (acted 1588-1589, printed 1594), act V, l:104. Published anonymously, but attributed with much probability to Peele.
  • His golden locks time hath to silver turned;
    O time too swift! O swiftness never ceasing!
    His youth ’gainst time and age hath ever spurned,
    But spurned in vain; youth waneth by encreasing.
    • Polyhymnia (1590).
  • His helmet now shall make a hive for bees,
    And lovers’ songs be turned to holy psalms;
    A man-at-arms must now serve on his knees,
    And feed on prayers, which are old age’s alms.
    • Polyhymnia (1590).
  • My merry, merry, merry roundelay
    Concludes with Cupid’s curse:
    They that do change old love for new,
    Pray gods, they change for worse!
    • Cupid's Curse, Lines 12-13 (date uncertain).