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By him

  • It has been a distinct pleasure to work with you and I will always look back fondly at my time in Los Alamos. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you for your support.
  • We have all overcome a tremendous amount of adversity.
  • While there have been many challenges, I believe there have been many more successes, not so much because of what I may have done, but because of the men and women who care so much about this great institution.
    • In an open letter to Los Alamos National Laboratory employees
  • I don\'t care how many people I have to fire to make it stop. If you think the rules are silly, if you think compliance is a joke, please resign now and save me the trouble.
    • Concerning controversy over missing disks
  • My own educational journey, which led to a doctorate in physics, began because of the inspiration I received from a high school teacher. I can think of no greater reward for our staff than providing the means for similar inspiration to students in surrounding communities.
    • In response to Spencer Abraham\'s suggestion that national laboratories promote science education
  • I will apologize in Macy\'s window at high noon on a Saturday if I\'ve got it wrong.
    • In response to a question during a LANL All-Hands meeting on 2004/07/14.

About him

  • He stood up and took the heat and did what needed to be done. The lab is in far better shape than it was before.
    • S. Robert Foley, retired admiral who oversaw weapon's lab management
  • Pete has done a remarkable job under extraordinary pressures and circumstances.
  • He didn't listen to his own people even though he claimed he had an open door.
    • Peter Stockton of the Project on Government Oversight in Washington
  • He was the worst thing to happen to Los Alamos National Laboratory in its entire 63 year history.
    • Doug Roberts, LANL retiree with 20 years service, and creator of the "LANL, The Real Story" blog.
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