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There is an important difference between love and friendship. While the former delights in extremes and opposites, the latter demands equality.
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George Louis Palmella Busson Du Maurier (6 March, 18348 October, 1896) was a French-born British author and cartoonist.


  • A little work, a little play
    To keep us going—and so good-day!

    A little warmth, a little light
    Of love’s bestowing—and so, good-night.

    A little fun, to match the sorrow
    Of each day’s growing—and so, good-morrow!

    A little trust that when we die
    We reap our sowing—and so—good-bye!
    • Trilby. Compare:
      Ah, brief is Life,
      Love’s short sweet way,
      With dreamings rife,
      And then—Good-day!

      And Life is vain—
      Hope’s vague delight,
      Grief’s transient pain,
      And then—Good-night.
      Montenaeken; translated by Louise Chandler Moulton as:
      La vie est vaine,
      Un peu d’amour,
      Un peu de haine,
      Et puis—Bonjour!

      La vie est brève:
      Un peu d’espoir,
      Un peu de rève
      Et puis—Bon soir!

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