Glengarry Glen Ross

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Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1984 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by David Mamet. It was made into a 1992 film of the same name.

Richard Roma

  • Or me lying in the... Let me tell ya... Lying in bed the next day, she brought me cafe au lait, she gives me a cigarette. My balls feel like concrete. Eh?
  • You ever take a dump, made you feel you'd just slept for twelve hours?
  • Then I'm over the fucking top and you owe me a Cadillac. And I don't want any fucking shit and I don't give a shit.
  • Patel?!?! Ravadahm Patel?!?! How am I going to make a living on these deadbeat wogs?! Where'd you get this from, a morgue? What's the fuckin' point in any case!? What's the point? I gotta argue with you? I gotta knock heads with the cops? I'm busting my balls to sell you dirt to fucking deadbeats, I come back, you can't even manage to keep the contracts safe. I got to go out and close them again. What the fuck am I wasting my time... Fuck this shit!
  • Patel? Fuck you. Fuckin' Shiva handed him a million dollars, told him sign the deal, he wouldn't sign. And Vishnu, too into the bargain.
  • How fucked up you are!
  • I find out whose fuckin' cousin you are, I'm gonna go to him and figure out a way to have your ass, FUCK YOU!
  • You cheated on your wife? You did it, live with it. You fuck little girls, so be it. There's an absolute morality? May be. And then what?
  • You stupid fucking cunt. Williamson! I'm talking to you shithead! You just cost me $6,000. $6,000, and one Cadillac. That's right. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it...asshole? You're fucking shit! Where did you learn your trade, you stupid fucking cunt?! You idiot! Whoever told you that you could work with men?! Oh, I'm gonna have your job, shithead. I'm going to Mitch and Murray! And I'm going to Lemkin! I don't care whose nephew you are...who you know...whose dick your sucking on, you're going out! I'll tell you something else, I hope it was you who ripped off the joint, maybe I can tell our friends something that will help them to catch you. Any man who works here lives by his wits. I'm going to be with you in a second. What you are hired to do, is to help us. Does that seem clear to you? To HELP us. Not to FUCK US UP! To help men who are going out there to earn a living, you fairy. You company man. You want to know the first rule you'd learn if you'd ever spent a day in your life? You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is. You fucking child.

Dave Moss

  • Yes, well that's very cute, but you're running this office like a bunch of bullshit.
  • Anybody that talks to this asshole is a fuckin' asshole.

Shelley Levene

  • That's fucked. That's fucked. You don't look at the fucking percentage. You look at the gross.
  • The leads are weak.
  • Marshal the leads...marshal the leads? What the fuck, what bus did you get off of, we're here to fucking sell. Fuck marshaling the leads. What the fuck talk is that? What the fuck talk is that? Where did you learn that? In school? [Pause] That's talk, my friend, that's talk. Our job is to sell. I'm the man to sell. I'm getting garbage.[Pause] You're giving it to me, and what I'm saying is it's fucked.
  • What the hell are you? You're a fuckin' secretary. Fuck you. That's my message to ya: fuck you and kiss my ass, and if you don't like it baby I'm going across the street to Jerry Graff, period, fuck you. Now, I want you to put me on the cadillac board and I want two promising leads and I don't want any bullshit and I want them close together because I am going to close them all, and that is all I have to say to you! [flips him off]
  • Get the chalk! Get the fucking chalk! Put me on the board! Put me on the Cadillac board! Williamson! Pick up the fucking chalk! Hey, Rick I closed em! I closed the cocksucker!
  • I point back in the living room, back to the sideboard. I didn't fucking know there was a sideboard there!
  • You are a shithead Williamson. If you can't think on your feet you oughta keep your mouth shut.

John Williamson

  • Hehe...I'm sorry!
  • Because I don't like you.
  • Where have you been, Shelly? Bruce and Harriet Nyborg. Do you want to see the memos...? They're nuts... they used to call in every week [...] Did you see how they were living? [...] The people are insane. They just like talking to salesmen.

George Aaronow

  • When I talk to the police I get nervous.
  • Boots.

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