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Here is a collection of phrases and memorable lines of Greek myth. Most of the material is anonymous except the works of the Iliad and the Odyssey, by Homer.

Direct Quotes

  • Φοβού τους Δαναούς και δώρα φέροντες.
    • Translation:(Beware Greeks even though are bearing gifts).
    • Trojan Horse or the Iliad
  • The Greeks used a wooden horse to get into Troy.
    • Trojan Horse
  • When Pandora opened the jar, all the evil flooded out into the world.
    • Pandora's box
  • The only thing left inside the jar was Hope.
    • Pandora's Box
  • Everything King Midas touched turned to gold.
    • King Midas
  • King Minos built a labyrinth to house the monster.
    • Minotaur
  • Flora and Fauna
    • Two Greek Goddesses, the first of plants, the second of animals.
  • Icarus flew too close to the sun.
    • Daedulus and Icarus
  • The Twelve Tasks of Heracles.
    • Heracles-later Romanised as the 'The Twelve Tasks of Hercules'
  • A Sisyphean Task.
    • From the myth of Sisyphus-means a never ending task
  • The phoenix rises from the ashes
  • Aphrodite rose from the waves
    • The birth of Aphrodite (a well-known allusion)

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Theseus (from "Heroes, Gods and Monsters" (a collection of Greek Myths & Legends))

Theseus: It's a complete honor to have my head bashed in with a club like this.

Theseus: (after killing Procrustes) So you have done to travellers, so shall you endure; you've made your bed, now lie on it.