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Gucci Mane (born February 2, 1980) is an American rapper.

Unsourced Quotes

  • ...want a bad bitch, work ya damn wrist.
  • Now she ain't really pretty, but she got a nice body. I'm geeked up thinkin' this buffy the body.
  • Pop one, pop two, two halves that's three, ain't no Waffle House, baby, hell, I can't eat.
  • 745 with the Gucci interior, i see a real nigga when i look in the mirror.
  • I take my hos to islands so they call me Gilligan, a gangsta but a gentleman, seldom wearin Timberlands
  • Ice so cold but the watch too hot, the earrings bling, pinky ring on fire, Twinkle Twinkle i think a star pass by, Gucci Mane aint hot, you a gotdamn lie
  • When you hear this in yo car, you gone wanna pull a chair up
  • I use to walk round dat corner, right on flintwood, packing bags shawty wit a hundred pounds of good, i was trappin like a fool, me and dat fat fool,tote dat fuckin tool, didn't go to school
  • I use to go to tha Atrium, like a gymnasium, beatin like a fool, that was 1998
  • All i wanna do is be like Gucci when i grow up, all i wanna do is blow a pound and get dro'd up
  • Shawty lookin at me, i think dat nigga muggin, i think he dont like me and the way my clique thuggin, we smokin out in public, you know them bitches love it, me and shawty lo poppin 30 bottles o'bubbly
  • I rob in my black tee, hit licks in my black tee, all in you house searchin 4 bricks in my black tee
  • Gucci Mane so gutta i still money out ya purse, lay off in yo yard, rob ya when you go to church
  • Hoes in the club like "Who is dat guy?", drinkin christal throwin money in the sky
  • My front yard still look like a car show, mansion so big kids playin where's Waldo, (Where's Waldo, Gucci where's waldo?)I jumped out the vette and jumped in my Gallardo

married to the game me and money live together-trap house

  • Co ca inea heavenly cooking dope excessively
  • all white bricks, off white bricks, light tan bricks, just hit a lick for fifty mo bricks ballin like a bitch wit all these bricks.
  • Ay yo ill kill a baby girl, fuck her till i hurl, bitch im sick so high you might see a nigga tick
  • pound in the trash can gucci do the dishes, dont nobody nobody fuck with my kitchen
  • Kusk burnin nigga in tha kitchen good cookin, yea i kno i might be ugly but my car is good lookin- on deck