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Guillermo del Toro (born October 9, 1964) is a Mexican film director.


  • Para mí estas cosas son como una cebolla, entre más capas descubres, más vas llorando. No hay vencedores en las guerras, sólo sangre y vencidos.
    • Translation: For me these things are like an onion, as you discover more layers, you cry even more. There are no winners in wars, only blood and losers.
    • Interview with Guillermo del Toro on 10/09/2006. [1]
  • Lo que me interesa del fascismo es justamente que es un hoyo negro de la voluntad. Es un sistema que no necesariamente es único, pero absuelve la brutalidad, absuelve la falta de moral y absuelve la decisión propia. Cuando te dicen “Tú puedes matar a esta gente porque que son judíos, rojos o homosexuales, ¡lo que sea!” En ese mundo puedes permitir una acción brutal en base a un consejo colectivo, eso es lo que me asusta.
    • Translation: What interests me about fascism is that it is a black hole of free will. It is a system which isn’t necessarily unique, but it absolves brutality, it absolves the lack of morals and it absolves people of their own decisions. When they tell you ‘you can kill these people because they are Jews, reds or homosexuals, or whatever!’ In this world you can permit a brutal action on the base of collective advice; that is what scares me.
    • Interview with Guillermo del Toro on 10/23/2006. [2]
  • Lo que más interesante es en la naturaleza existen dos especies, unicamente dos especies que son expansionistas: el hombre y los insectos. Las demas especies son territoriales. El insecto es devorador, expansionista, hasta que se siegue expandiendo y no le importa. Y el hombre es así... las dos especies que van a acabar peleandose por el mundo van a ser insectos y hombres.
    • Translation: The most interesting thing in nature is that two species exist, only two species, which are expansionist: mankind and insects. All other species are territorial. The insect is a devourer, an expander, it keeps on expanding so much and it doesn’t even care. And mankind is like that, as well… The two species which are going to end up fighting over the world are going to be insects and human beings.
    • Interview with Guillermo del Toro. [3]
  • "Cows are evil."

-Pan's Labyrinth DVD director's commentary

  • "We're here to entertain you while you wonder why the fuck this channel has two asshole talking while you're trying to watch your movie."
  • (seeing character with a wig which the producer insisted he try in a delete scene): "Look, that is Peter Frankfurt's fucking doing! Explain yourself! Look at that fucker! It's fucking Michael Bolton!"
  • "'Less is more' my ass. I mean, 'less is more' on atmospheric movies. In ACTION/horror movies, more is more baby!"
  • Frankfurt, discussing a stuntman: "He missed being killed in that shot be literally half an inch.

del Toro: "Needless to say, I wanted another take." -With producer Peter Frankfurt on the Blade II DVD commentary

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