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Hannibal is a 2001 film, adapted from the Thomas Harris novel Hannibal. It is the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs. One of Hannibal Lecter's victims, Mason Verger, is seeking to capture, torture, and kill Dr. Lecter.

Directed by Ridley Scott. Written by Thomas Harris (novel), and David Mamet and Steven Zaillian (screenplay).
Break the silence taglines

Hannibal Lecter

  • There are shallow rollers, and there are deep rollers. You can't breed two deep rollers…or their young, their offspring, will roll all the way down…hit and die. Agent Starling is a deep roller, Barney. Let us hope one of her parents was not.
  • What is worst about this humiliation, Clarice? Is it how your failure will reflect on your mommy and daddy? Is your worst fear that people will now and forever believe…they were indeed just good old trailer-camp…tornado-bait white trash…and that perhaps you are too?
  • [in a letter to Agent Starling] Your job is to craft my doom…so I'm not sure how well I should wish you…but I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun. Ta-ta. "H."
  • Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her…and find nurishment in the very sight of her? I think so. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him?
  • My life? What is there to say about mine? I have been in a state of hibernation for some time... a little inactive. But now I'm back home and I'm very happy…and very healthy. You though. It's you I'm worried about.
  • Do you have so much faith in your abilities that you honestly believe you can somehow simultaneously arrest me and them? It could get very messy, Clarice, like the fish market.
  • How does that word taste to you, Clarice? Cheap and metallic, like sucking on a greasy coin?
  • My freedom, just that. You'd take that from me. And if you did, would they have you back, do you think? The FBI? Those people you despise almost as much as they despise you? Will they give you a medal, Clarice, do you think? Would you have it professionally framed and hang it on your wall to look at and remind you of your courage and incorruptibility? All you would need for that, Clarice, is a mirror.
  • On a similar note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife.
  • This is really going to hurt.

Clarice Starling

  • [about Dr. Lecter] He's always with me. Like a bad habit.

Mason Verger

  • It's all right. I have immunity from the U.S. Attorney. And I have immunity... from the risen Jesus. And nobody beats the Riz.
  • [to Clarice] It's funny, though. You can look at my face... but you shied when I said the name of God.


Agent Pearsall: Of course you're right, Starling... but it doesn't change anything.

Paul Krendler: It's a gool deal for you, Starling. You can't pretend it isn't. Get to go back on a celebrated case. I'll take care of the media for your Drumgo killing. Everyone's gonna be happy.
Paul Krendler: Don't flatter yourself, Starling. That was a long time ago. Why would I hold that against you? Besides, this town is full of cornpone country pussy.

Barney: I'm not a bad guy.

Gypsy Woman: [after seeing Dr. Lecter] That is the Devil. Shaitan, Son of the Morning, I've seen him now.


[Mason Verger is recounting an old experience with Lecter.]
Mason Verger: The doctor approached me with a piece of broken mirror and said…
[In the flashback, Lecter is holding a shard of broken glass.]
Hannibal Lecter: Try peeling off your face with this…
Mason Verger: "…and feeding it to the dogs." And, well, you know the rest. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Mason Verger: So what do ya think, Cordell? Does Lecter want to fuck her or kill her or eat her alive?
Cordell Doemling: Probably all three, though I wouldn't want to predict in what order.


  • Break The Silence
  • Never Forget Who He Is
  • How long can a man stay silent before he returns to the thing he does best?


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