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Sri Hans ji Maharaj (November 8, 1900July 16, 1966) was a guru from Uttarakhand, India. He was considered a satguru or "perfect master" by his followers and founded the Divine Light Mission in 1960. He is the father of Prem Rawat, widely known as Maharaji.


  • "Religion does not mean to surrender to dogmas and religious scriptures or conformity to rituals. But my religion constitutes an abiding faith in the perfect values of truth and the ceaseless attempt to realise them in the inner most part of our nature." [1]
  • "God has created the human frame for the express purpose of giving man the opportunity of realizing the Divinity." [1]
  • "Only he is the true teacher [Satguru] who can show what are the religious and social obligations [dharma], show God to you, and give you the Knowledge of the holy name [sat nam]. And he who can give you the Knowledge of this dharma is completely wise. Satguru is the one who has the perfect wisdom. And other than the Satguru no one has the perfect wisdom. Oh! People of the world! Only a perfect avatar with the sixty-four virtues [kala] can reveal this Knowledge." (Bombay, March 1966) [2]
    • Alternative translation: "Lord Rama was an incarnation of God who possessed 14 types of divine power. Lord Krishna was an incarnation of God who possessed 26 types of divine power. But I am fully perfect and the master of all the 64 divine powers." [1]
      • This alternative translation, very different from the original Hindi, appeared in a book named Satgurudev (1970). It has been used by several scholars (Messer, Glock and Bellah; Reender Kranenborg) to position Hans Ji Maharaj as claiming to be more powerful than Krishna.


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