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Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American actor who, between 1977 and 1983, appeared in what were then five of the top ten highest-grossing movies of all time.


  • I'm sure it's not dangerous, if it was dangerous they would've waited until we got more of the movie done.
    • On being dragged behind a car for a stunt from Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Classic Featurette
  • I'm an analog guy. I knew when they introduced them that it wasn't gonna be what they said, it wasn't gonna be a convenience, it wasn't gonna make life easier, it was just gonna make another category of people that come to your house to fix shit that's broke.
    • On computers; as explained in an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • I think the sonofabitch should die.
    • Repeated several times when being interviewed on Rove Live
  • Speaking about his Russian/Jewish/Irish ancestors, Harrison Ford said that he is “Irish as a person but I feel Jewish as an actor.”


  • I'm an assistant storyteller. It's like being a waiter or a gas-station attendant, but I'm waiting on six million people a week, if I'm lucky.
  • I'm like old shoes, I've never been hip.

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