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Harry Redknapp (born 2 March 1947) is an English former footballer, and the current manager of Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League.


  • Even when they had Moore, Hurst and Peters, West Ham's average finish was about 17th. It just shows how crap the other 8 of us were
  • With the foreign players it's more difficult. Most of them don't even bother with the golf, they don't want to go racing. They don't even drink
  • Dani is so good-looking I don't know whether to play him or f*ck him
  • Had we had another injury to one of our central defenders, I would have had to put a full-back in there - and neither of them can head the ball!
  • I will now spend a short period of time to rest, recharge my batteries before contemplating my future
  • He tweaked a hamstring and we took him off hoping it would not be too late to save him doing more damage.
  • I still think we have a big chance of pulling clear.
  • We'll need some size about us against a team like Manchester City and I'd hope to be able to play both these two.
  • Draws are no good at the moment. It was a game where we really needed to look to attack.
  • If we can pick up six points from two games then we can close up on the teams above us and make a real fight of it.
  • I think there's a bit of belief there now. We've given ourselves a real chance.
  • For me, Arsenal, have got the best player in the world - Thierry Henry. He is absolutely magnificent and in great form.
  • It is about deciding what is a blatant dive and what is not.
  • I thought they'd started to run out of ideas and we'd be ok, but it wasn't to be. It's going to be hard (avoiding relegation) but we're having a go.
  • It was a great point. To go behind to Arsenal and come back and take a point was a great performance. We deserved it in the end.
  • It was a good time to play them, but what a run by us and what a great situation we are in now. The players are up for it and so are our supporters, but we all know there could be a few twists and turns yet. Birmingham could beat Aston Villa and I'll suffer watching that. It ain't over yet.
  • We deserved to win. There was no doubt about that. We were by far the better team but it didn't happen so we've got to go again.
  • I left a couple of my foreigners out last week and they started talking in 'foreign'. I knew what they were saying: "Blah, blah, blah, le b****** manager, f****** useless b******!"
  • Let's face it, I'll get the sack one day because everyone gets the elbow in football.
  • I got a fantastic reception from the crowd here at Upton Park - and why shouldn't I? Now I'm looking forward to getting one off the wife. Reception I mean. I'm too old for all that kind of stuff.
  • At no time did I use abusive language.
  • No Wonder He's In The Fuckin Reserves!
  • We were really in the driving seat at 1-0 up,
  • I'll never go down the road. No chance!
    • Talking about the possibility of managing Southampton F.C. after leaving rivals Portsmouth F.C. in November 2004. He later spent a year in charge of Southampton before returning to Portsmouth in December 2005.

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