Hating Alison Ashley

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Hating Alison Ashley is a 2005 film starring Saskia Burmeister, Delta Goodrem and Alex Capelli and was made in Australia

(How could anyone be so perfect)

Erica Yurken

  • There are very few places to grow up in where childhood is magical and happy time, where a girl really blossoms to her full potential in surroundings of beauty and tranquility. Barringa East was not one of those places
  • In a matter of weeks Miss Belmont had crushed us like insects, I liked her
  • Alison, this is Barry Hollis my stalker
  • You thought i was Alison Ashley

Barry Hollis

  • We could burn something.
  • You know how violent they got? Someone could have taken my eye out with a tampon.
  • Sure I'll come to after Erica shows you the freak show I'll show you the good bits
  • I know , look about the other night next time I'm sticking the tongue in.

Miss Belmont

  • Last night i spent hours going threw your assignments on Greenland and afterwards i felt dirty like a part of my life had be stolen forever so now I'm going to steal a part of your's.
  • Ahhh James Adams what can I say about half a page off Democracy obscene dribble written in red pen that confuses Greenland with Queensland, Ahhh I know. Tom Burrow on the net are we? And now for Masa Miss Finland in the national flag well fascinating to you it doesn't constitute in depth research does it. As usual Erica's assignment was the exception it was legible it made some sense and most importantly it got the right country.


Barry: I've got a lighter
Erica Yurken : So?
Barry: We could burn something

Barry: You know how violent they got? someone could have taken my eye out with a tampon
Miss Belmont: Uh-Huh
(slams barry into a wall)

Mr Kennard: You must be Jeff Kennard. I mean, I must, I am Jeff Kennard.
Miss Belmont: Nigella Belmont.
Mr Kennard: Miss Belmont, Jeff Kennard P.E.
Miss Belmont: Really?
Mr Kennard: I bet you need that after 9C.
Miss Belmont: Why ?
Mr Kennard: Two words Barry Hollis.
Miss Belmont: He's a sweetheart thank goodness he was there i had run out of cigarettes.

Miss Belmont: Erica I know I can rely on you to show Alison around.
Erica: Sure Miss Belmont.
Barry: Sure I'll come to after Erica shows you the freak show I'll show you the good bits.
Erica: Alison this is Barry Hollis my stalker.
Barry' Yeah you wish Yurken.

[After barry kisses Erica]
Erica: Barry Hollis.
Barry: Yuk (pause) Yuk why are you wearing Alison Ashley's thing.
Erica: You thought I was Alison Ashley.
Barry: Would it make a difference.
Miss Belmont: Erica Yurken! Barry Hollis! back to your cabins. Move it!

Jetta: Barry Hollis teased me.
Miss Yurken: Barry Hollis?
Jetta: He tore my tail off.
Mrs Yurken: She's only eight years old how dare you leave her her alone? I will kill you if you abandon her again.
Erica: What was I supposed to do she was eating some nature strip blade by blade.
Valjoy: Thats true mum. Gettas a freak you can't blame Erica for that.
Erica: Thanks Valjoy i'm glad someone–
Valjoy: This on the other hand is a reason to strangle the slimy little snitch. You see that I made a special mark on that and look some is missing you thieving piece of scum.
Miss Yurken: Valjoy go and wait your bloody turn i haven't finished with her.

Barry: Congratulations
Erica: Thank you Barry, You were really good tonight.
Barry: I know. Look about the other night next time I'm sticking the tongue in.



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