He Died With A Felafel In His Hand

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An Australian comedy about about a man named Danny, as he goes through life living in different shared houses, and the dubious characters he meets. It was released in 2001. Based off the book by John Birmingham of the same name.

Directed by Richard Lowenstein, who also helped write the script.
Some people will do anything to get out of paying the rent


  • I am Jabber. I control the remote, understand?


  • That's Derek. He lives in a tent in the lounge room so he doesn't have to pay as much rent as everyone else.


  • [at Flip's funeral] Goodbye...strange man...


  • [when the police at surveying the scene of Flip's death] Don't touch that felafel, who knows what might be in it. Bloody druggos.


Danny: Tyler, These friends of yours. They wouldn't be by any chance Nazi's would they?
Iain: ...I prefer to call them politically challenged.

Milo: I have an announcement...You may be shocked, but I have to say this...Everyone, I'm gay.
Danny: Yeah, we know.

Danny: What are you doing?
Flip: Moon-tanning.

Flip: I love you, y'know...
Danny: ...Love you too, Flip.