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Heavenly Creatures is a 1994 drama directed by Peter Jackson which is based on the 1954 Parker-Hulme murder. It stars Melanie Lynskey as Pauline Parker and Kate Winslet and Juliet Hulme.

Pauline Parker

  • She is most unreasonable. Why could not mother die? Dozens of people are dying all the time, thousands, so why not mother? And father too.
  • [voiceover, from her diary] We have decided how sad it is for others that they cannot appreciate our genius.
  • [narrating] We realised why Deborah and I have such extraordinary telepathy and why people treat us and look at us the way they do. It is because we are MAD. We are both stark raving MAD!
  • [narrating] This notion is not a new one but this time it is a definite plan which we intend to carry out. We have worked it out carefully and are both thrilled by the idea. Naturally we feel a trifle nervous, but the pleasure of anticipation is great.
  • [narration] The next time I write in this diary, Mother will be dead. How odd... yet how pleasing.
  • It's a three act story with a tragic end.

Juliet Hulme

  • Only the best people fight against all obstacles in pursuit of happiness.
  • All the best people have bad chests and bone diseases. It's all frightfully romantic.
  • Stick it up your bottom!
  • [speaking too brightly of the murder of Honora Parker] I think she knows what's going to happen. She doesn't appear to bear us any grudge.


[first lines]
[Juliet and Pauline are running screaming up the hill covered in blood, the scene intercuts with black and white scenes of them running across the deck of a ship towards Dr and Mrs Hulme]
Juliet Hulme: Mummy!
Pauline Parker: Mummy!
Juliet Hulme: Mummmmy!
[the scene changes from the ship to the hilltop tea-house. The girls are screaming hysterically as the tea-house woman runs out to see what the noise is all about]
Pauline Parker: It's Mummy! She's terribly hurt!
Juliet Hulme: Please! Help us!

[last lines]
[the last lines show scenes of the murder intercut with b&w shots of Juliet being taken away by her parents on the ship. Pauline and Juliet are sobbing and screaming for each other; and the girls scream as they beat Honorah Parker to death]
Juliet Hulme: Gina!
[sobs as she reaches a hand over the ship railing]
Pauline Parker: Juliet, don't leave! I'm coming! Don't go! You can't! Oh, no!
[as the girls cry and reach helplessly toward each other, Juliet's parents come and stand on either side of her, trying to comfort her]
Juliet Hulme: I'm sorry...
[Pauline screams, and the b&w scene fades into the murder scene] Pauline Parker No! [That last bloody shot fades into the credits]

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