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Help! is the title of a 1965 film starring The Beatles.

In the film, Ringo is wearing a sacrificial ring that won't come off of his finger. The cult that the ring belongs to chases Ringo and the other Beatles from Britain, to the Alps, to the Bahamas, trying the whole way to sacrifice Ringo to their god.

Written by Marc Behm and Charles Wood. Directed by Richard Lester.
Stop worrying! HELP! is on the way!

Ringo Starr

  • I like operations. They give you a sense of outlook, don't they?
  • Go get sacrificed! I don't subscribe to your religon!
  • They have to paint me red before they chop me. It's a different religion than ours, I think.

George Harrison

  • [After seeing a smoking curling stone] Hey, it's a thingy! A fiendish thingy!
  • Doesn't the Eastern flavor come rather exspensive?

John Lennon

  • Jeweller, you've failed!
  • Scientist! You've failed Scientist!
  • [Watching a man standing on his head] Doesn't the blood rush to your head, sir?

Paul McCartney

  • My skin's soaked right through to the skin!
  • Ew, I'm all sticky!
  • [Watching a belly dancer] Doesn't the blood rush to your stomach?


George: Hey, there might be some insurance!
John: I wouldn't think of such a thing! [under his breath] Find out, eh?

Ringo: There's more here than meets the eye!
George: Ho ho!
John: Ho.
George: Ho ho.
John: Ho.
[Continues on]

Ringo: [Points at red blob on his shoe] We thought that was you.
Paul: No, that's not me.

[Ringo's arm is trapped inside a mailbox]
John: What are you doing?
Ringo: Posting a letter.

John: How do you feel?
Ringo: I used to use me hands.
John: He used to use his hands.

Superintendent: Allow me, I'm a bit of a famous mimic in my own small way you know. James Cagney... [imitating Ringo on the phone] Hey, this is the famous Ringo here, gear fab...
George: Not a bit like Cagney.

Paul: [To washerwoman] Do you know Clang?
Washerwoman: I'm his mother, and he's a good boy!

[At Scotland Yard]
John: Hold on, it's them! Only me and Paul know we're here.
George: I know we're here.

George: Hey, you're all red again.
Ringo: I know, I'm begining to like it!

[John is having a bowl of soup]
John: What's this? [Pulling out a slip of paper]
Ringo: It's a season ticket. What did you think?
John: Oh, I like a lot of seasoning in my soup.

Ringo: What was it that first attracted you to me?
John: Well, you're very polite, aren't you?

Ringo: The fire brigade once got my head out of some railings.
John: Did you want them to?
Ringo: No. I used to put it there when I wasn't using it for school. You can see a lot of the world from railings.

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