Henry VI, Part 3

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Henry VI, Part 3 is the third of William Shakespeare's plays set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England.

Act I

  • How sweet a thing it is to wear a crown,
    Within whose circuit is Elysium,
    And all that poets feign of bliss and joy.
    • Richard of Gloucester, scene ii

Act II

  • And many strokes, though with a little axe,
    Hew down and fell the hardest-timber'd oak.
    • Messenger, scene i

  • The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on.
    • Clifford, scene ii

  • Didst thou never hear
    That things ill got had ever bad success?
    And happy always was it for that son,
    Whose father for his hoarding went to hell?
    • King Henry, scene ii


  • Warwick, peace!
    Proud setter-up and puller-down of kings!
    • Queen Margaret, scene iii

Act IV

  • A little fire is quickly trodden out,
    Which being suffer'd, rivers cannot quench.
    • Clarence, scene viii

Act V

  • Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind;
    The thief doth fear each bush an officer.
    • Richard of Gloucester, scene vi

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